People Dont Like Me Because I Am Smart.

I don't try to please people anymore. Because I can't sort the good ones from the bad ones. And the more I see human behavior the more it disappoints me. There is sort of a cult of fear, hatred, stereo typing. I don't think it is new, but....

I always was a bit different. I used to think it was my hair color ( which was marshmellow white when I was a kid ), I was taller than most of my friends. Etc. But when I was about 30 years old I tested my IQ, and resulted in an IQ of 155. I was perfect in every category but my speed. So I am a slow genius.

Well, people are not tolerant of slow genius. ( It is really just because I can think out more things at a time, so I am processing more variables than most people ). Anyway, I experience something like a jealousy towards me. A hatred because I make people look bad maybe, or I make them think by talking to them. Or I am somehow judging them by understanding something a certain way.

There was a time when I was misdiagnosed because of my intelligence. Just trying to understand the world around me.
So why are people hateful towards intelligence ? And what can I do if 1 / 6000 people has the same IQ as I do ?
How can I be mentally stimulated and satisfied. And not feel like me brains are an insult to people.
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Have you thought about it as a biological feature? I have, and I deduced humanity can evolve without it....

be my friend?

...intelligence !? Hmm. "You're not the baby momma I am looking for..." (waves hand in an arrogant jedi motion). No, it certainly is biological, and humanity still lives with a slave / indentured work mentality in social evolution. But as for evolving without it ? No the biological / creative production drive in humanity insists all things get copied and tested, and destroyed if they suck. Intelligence fights with baser nature and seeks higher understanding. Intelligence shapes humanity in spite of nature sometimes, and right along side it at other times. It is just a factor of humaness, and not extractable from the other ones. Persistence is good though, I reward persistence... ( adding you as friend ).

no, not intelligence! I know it is? it's ok.... I'm talking about envy, have you thought about envy as a biological feature? I supose that if you are gifted the answer is yes hehe ok you can see it as a rhetoric :p

I deduced humanity can live without envy! I think violence is functional to a certain extent that is not enough after a certain level of complexity, it seems.... Am I right?

Raul, I'm curious about ya!!!! are you really that rare? I mean did I find a gifted for real? hehe I'm not being sarcastic! m serious lol

Hmm... I haven't thought about it too much. I associate envy with greed, hatred, destructive desire, bitterness...and spicy pizza. Seriously, I think it is a biological imputes, so you would be interested. ( I presume ). But it all comes from the same place. Humans have to process their poisons, and it is a survival mechanism. That invocation helps those that possess that particular poison to a larger degree to get what they want, to defend what they have. It doesn't make a person happy necessarily, but the pursuit of happiness is an American myth in it's emphasis. It sharpens wits, it forces you to justify, explain or prove superiority. It is so primal I have to assume it is evolutionary.

Stimulating. You might be right, though, humanity, when supremely healthy might be able to balance out what ever mechanisms lead to the excess emotions I associated with envy. ( I am under the influence of spicy pizza, and may have answered this differently if I had abstained from that. ) A deficit in those tempers, would presumably not be good either, lethargy, apathy, etc.

So looking for a balance.

"curious about ya". I am that rare according to some tests. How about you? You mention the term gifted inclusively, if I read that right. So, I will ask you the same question, did I get found by a gifted?

Trying to be stimulated, mentally, is something I can sympathize with. It's hard, and 99.9% of people aren't up for the task, nor fit for it. However, you, as smart as you are, shouldn't have a problem fitting in. It's not hard to adapt, and thus, not be hated. It's hard not to "be yourself" at times, and yes, it'd seem as if smart people are often hated. My theory, however, is that smart people aren't hated because they're smart, but because they think differently. People don't like different. Being what you'd call a "slow genius" doesn't help either. People are set in their train of thought, and make decisions hastily. Taking time to analyze every little detail to you, even to me, is important, and it can frustrate people because they don't see the logic in it. I'm sure some are jealous, but I believe the majority just don't ******* get it.

Gematria, Hey. I find it impossibly intolerable not to be myself. I would go as far as to say that is the one thing I will never be able to do. ;) I don't have a desire to 'fit in' I am content to make ripples in my day to day with people. But you are right, people don't like different. Nice that you are detail oriented. Nice that your are smart. Nice to virtu-meet you.

You expect more effort from them and you intimidate them. People ARE uneasy around you - they can sense your strength, but don't know how to combat it at first. They can't compete intellectually, so they do so with backstabbing, bullying, and put downs. Remember - you are smart but they are cunning. <br />
<br />
I find this especially to be true in the work environment. I have an IQ around 153, and much of what you said I can relate to. I also have quit trying to please people. I do the bare minimum to keep my job and save my energy for the things that matter. To your true friends, this is enough. If it isn't they aren't your friends.

I know the feel, man. A few years ago, I did a test that said I've got an IQ of 168, and was classified as a "slow genius" as well.<br />
I'm more inclined towards scientific things, though. It made it difficult in a crappy high school where everyone was too interested in crack or sex to do their work, therefore making me a target. My "friends" used me to help with their classwork, and abandoned me when we graduated.<br />
<br />
Now, I mostly stay inside to avoid people who inevitably either hate me or use me...