Is My Family Normal?

Never questioned in depth
my situation because never had the need to.

I've got an IQ of 162.
Pretend to be dumb at times because I do feel like people feel we are freaks. Or they just alienate you.

About my Family.
Since I've been always so brilliant.
I did well with my early jobs.
I paid my school and since age 21 I have been the head of the Family. I have no siblings and my parents don't work.
So It's been like this for 14 years.
I can't pursue in Getting a PhD Coz I'm busy working. Marriage, was never in my plans ever since I had to let my first fiance go for my parents.
I mean It's been so long and now that I've lost my business and trying to get back up...
I see my parents demanding...
Not only that. Criticizing me for have not done this or better.
Or if bills are due my father feels embarrassed?
I'm the only one who has been working in the last ten years.

I can't have a discussion nor speak up
because I look down on him since he is unable to provide financially.
I mean. Now he is old.
I don't expect financial aid from him never did.
But I wonder if they ever knew this is not nornal and that they should feel grateful I've been doing this.

Cos ain't normal right?
kittykat2012 kittykat2012
31-35, F
Jul 28, 2012