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hi im charles taverner and i have an iq of 130. u may not car eso far but my next fact may astonish you. im only 14. i only did it cause i was bored nad then searched on the internet what that meant and found this so u know. well dats it i thought id tell u
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2 Responses May 5, 2007

Hmm, a high IQ doesn't bring about some kind of subconsious obsessive intelligence. Maybe he didn't want to write in a neat and orderly way; this is internet afterall...<br />
But keep in mind that IQ tests online are not always very accurate (although taking many different ones online ameks it more accurate), and keep in mind different nations have different IQ scales.<br />
I normally get 140 (+) on IQ tests online, but still I liek 7o |/|R1t3 1n 1337! :D<br />
<br />
However, try to be humble. One shouldn't brag about one's IQ too much, as there is always someone with much higher IQ.<br />
<br />
but make the best out of your IQ and you shalt be successful!

you don't talk like it...let me guess: it was multiple choice