Pretty Smart

Im 13 and it turns out my IQ is 130
MikeFoster MikeFoster
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2 Responses May 12, 2007

good for you, i agree with myspip they said to use it. you never realize how much power education has until you get out of school. one thing as just a hint from someone a bit older than yourself- and this is just personal information i can offer to you, you can decide to use it or not...<br />
*never allow yourself to be "JUST" book smart. you need to learn street smarts too, and no i don't mean it as a stereotype, i mean there is more to life than just math and science.

Ah nice! you know what to do?<br />
Use your IQ! Many people have high IQ, but they seldom use it for their own good.<br />
I have high IQ too (haven't taken a real IQ test, but normally score 140+ on internet based ones).<br />
Use your intelligence to do something you enjoy and you are bound to get successful in it. I enjoy studying sciences and computers and that is what I do, but never forget to always take time to be with friends!<br />
And one more thing; never get frustrated if your friends don't understand something, they can't help it much; you will learn stuff faster than them, so never lose patience!<br />
You are young, and still have lots to experience!