...and a Whole Lot of Good It Does

when people shoot you down every time you use it. My intelligence hasn't made me any happier or more successful than anybody else, and most of the time it just gets in the way. I think I'll go become an e-tard so I can just coast by without ever being aware of things like these so-called "problems" that my mind currently can't wait to tackle. What's the point when it only makes people insecure and angry to find out the solutions aren't all that complicated? Forget it. I've been dealing with it too long already and I'm done. I have no more need for smarts. I need to know that what I do have is contributing to my well-being so I can do something worthwhile with my life, or at least not care.

pickingoutathermos pickingoutathermos
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 7, 2008

uhhh....have you considered finding new friends? :)