Taken a lot of IQ tests....Yeah, I'd rather have a high IQ than a low one, but I don't really think it means anything.
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Ya, I agree with guidence508. IQ means a lot. Don't let peer pressure make you average. Personally I wish I found out my IQ at your age. <br />
<br />
1/50 people have a 130 IQ. And that is the border line for Mensa.

Rigghhhtttt,<br />
Just open your mouth as words few use fall out, painting a big red target. Worse - it feels *normal* using words and ideas others see as PBS technical special. <br />
Is it smarter to blend in - joining with others or stand out, taking a new path - going for more? <br />
Being mentalyl well endowed says as little about you as being physicaly well endowed. Niether says what heart, kindness, ambitions or (dunn da da dunn) motives lie(s) under the skin. <br />
What unseen knowledge this way comes? Far less than the good times enjoyed by 80's, 90's, 100's or 130 IQs. J Cross aviation engineer said "The best things in life are *not* things" He is right. Its not the things in the photo, but memories brought from within. Let a 130 IQ be your guide and eventualy your friend. Its easier to make friends by giving advice than just taking it. Leave joy in your wake. Let all the splash or turbulance fall like tears, or rain. Gone. <br />
IQ means alot - obviously more to others. To me its natural, not a target. Healing not hell. Like anything else - its what you do with it.