Well, I Guess I've Decided

To join this here group after completing an egotistical search for various representatives of surrogate IQ's. That is to say, I've yet to see some editorial/essay proof from this forum of who claims to posses an IQ over 130. Being though that you couldn't have signed up and posted a perfectly legitimate experience while not having the intelligence to do so would be a paradox.

Anyway, I have an official IQ of 140. Belittling society and remaining extradite from its clutches for the last 17 years has been quite interesting. 'Reality' isn't so great, but reading fixes that. It's especially fun when you're so clustered with theoretical alternatives that even trivial reality turns into a bastardization of attempted truths.

So, yeah. Take that to the bank and cash it.
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Well, I feel utterly stupid here. I should leave.

Im sorry - you have a typo/spelling mistake in your story and I judged you on it =(

Your post is an argument to ignorance. You are assuming something is true simply because it hasn't been proven false.

Nah, IQ doesn't matter, it's not even a remotely reliable measurable quantity. I must have been feeling pretty superior when I wrote this.

sounds like you were ;)

haha ;) Nah, probably logisticmosquito is mocking the validity of IQ-tests online...<br />
Don't think that the real IQ test center would let her in...<br />
<br />
Well, IQ isn't important anyway... it is what you do with your brainpower that counts... :)

(continued from cut-off) between 120 and 131 would be about 1 in 35 or so. Debatable odds, yes, but it is entirely plausible.

I've never been drunk and high at the same time though so I can only assume the obvious which is that his memory and reasoning skills probably weren't good enough to score higher, and since he was drunk he might not have remembered the procedures he took. "What's with that?", indicating he was clearly quite bewildered at how he could have possibly scored higher, so any coherent processes he may have gone through would be lost. And, not everyone fails tests when they just guess. Depending on what test he took, the ceiling score may have been so high that the chances of scoring

haha, what are the odds for getting better guesses?... chances are better when you know the answer of R questions and guess the remaining N - R questions... You do the maths!

eh you were probably just guessing the right answers

Sober and straight mine is 120. Drunk and stoned a long time later and it was 131. What's with that?

i took a test at the carwash<br />
i forgot to mention how it stated my above average soap sud skills

Name the test …hahaha<br />
My score is not as high as your but I average around 131 to 135 depends on the test because I find the American IQ tests are easier.