Screw Talking About the Level of Iq, Let's Do Something Productive!

Let's discuss something fun instead!

Any ideas about the Theory of Everything?
Or maybe, what gives rise to "mass"?
How does the universe look like?
How can we travel back in time?
What is the ultimate system of macroeconomics?

Name something to discuss and I'm in!

Something to get warmed up with:
There are 2007 ants (arbitrarily placed) walking on a mono-dimensional stick They all walk with a constant speed of 2007 km/h to the right or to the left. When two ants collide with eachother, they instantly turn around and walk in the opposite direction.
The stick is 223 km long.
When an ant walks off the end of the stick, he falls off the stick.
What is the maxiumum time for all the ants to fall off the stick???

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8 Responses Aug 5, 2007

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You rock! I enjoy your stories - you are a breath of bracingly odd air in a world gone quiet and stale. Don't go changin'...

For ants they walk quite fast by the variables you provided...

Haha, thats freaking funny. :P<br />
i love talking about space lately, there has been so much going on in space exploration and new experiments that I have been filling my mind with.

Lets talk about fashion.......i'm good at it! !! (0_o )

Well gosh durn it all. Thelma Louize, where's the bug spray????

Jawohl, will do... tomorrow... too tired now :P<br />
<br />
hmm, you should check out the story in "I believe in Infinity". There is an interesting discussion about the universe going on there! =)

hmm, almost... but how come some matter (elementary particles) doesn't have mass!<br />
Scientists are still searching for the hypothetical Higgs boson, which is supposedly the particle that give ob<x>jects mass