DOESN'T Mean ****

IQ by itself doesn't mean doodly squat . . . anybody who says "I have an IQ of (WHATEVER)" misses the whole point entirely . . . it's just a test and no test exists that can accurately measure or even comprehensively describe a thing as complex as the human mind . . . if you took any particular target audience and tested them repeatedly across the space of a week you'd have variances + or - ten points amongst single individuals . . . so much depends on environmental factors and the test-taking skills of the person taking the test . . . look at Einstein - they thought he was non compis mentis for the first seven years of his life . . . I like what Edison said about genius: "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent persperation."  For me that says it all . . .    
sturmbringener sturmbringener
46-50, M
Aug 12, 2007