When I Was In Grade School,...

When I was in grade school, they used to make us do state mandated assessment tests every few years.  They were always called the CAT (California Achievement Test).  When I was in the 6th grade we switched to the MAT (Metropolitan Achievement Test).  The only difference between the CAT and MAT was an extra section attached to the end.  None of us knew what it meant and when our scores were mailed to our parents, that portion was left off.  Apparently it was left off for a reason.  At the beginning of the 7th grade, I was called into the office.  Being that counselors thought I was going through a "phase", I just figured it was another "intervention".  Instead, it was my parents, the gifted teacher, and the school psychologist.  They tried to convey to me that I was "gifted" but I wasn't having it.  I do remember that it somehow slipped out that I had an IQ of 138.  It's not exactly impressive but I was still pleased.

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Interesting and I bet that they tried to advance you a year in school because they believed that your "phase" was from boredom. I was one of those "gifted" students and I was advanced to the point where I graduated High School at 16 and college at 2o years of age. I am not sure if it was a good thing or not because I was forced to mature quickly to keep up with my "peers." I may have been intelligent beyond my years but to this day I am not the most mature person I know.