Sometimes A Little Frustrating

Just thought I would pop in and say hi, I found your group today after mulling over that I get frustrated sometimes when people don't understand really simple things and then I thought... well perhaps they aren't simple to them?

I see myself as normal, not overly intelligent, I tested at 155 but what does that mean really in the big scheme of things?  Sometimes I think life would be simpler if I thought less (~laughs). My husband was tested many times at school and in the forces at 183.  I do find he has an amazing brain, yeah ok, odd thing to say about one's husband....

Love to you all


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Love, empathy, hope and compassion have nothing to do with IQ, although I appreciate the time you took to search out my stories and post your concern for my situation.<br />
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Hi, I haven't been around for ages but I did ask him. He was a subject in PhD study at University specifically relating to the measurement of high IQ. He was given a series of about 9 tests and then called back over several days to discuss his answers/reasoning etc - he doesn't remember what tests were used, which is unlike him so perhaps they were not told, which would stand to reason if they were meant to be taking a 'blind' test. The test results from the group were sent away as part of the study and he was told once it was all done that his range was 183-186. He remembers it was the speed at which he completed the tests that was of particular interest in the follow up interviews. When he went into the military, he was almost bawled out for a behavior issue when he handed in an entrance exam 10 mins after the 'timed' test started, until they marked it and it was all correct - it was supposed to be a 2 hour exam. He does like to try to fit in though so I'm sure if they had told him it was a 2 hour exam he would have sat there for at least an hour and a half pretending to look busy.

I'll have to ask him later which tests if he can remember. He was pulled out of school a few times for additional testing as he seemed to be an anomaly (yes, not really a positive thing) and the same happened in the military. I remember him mentioning also a test about morality - or something similar - that he had to take, maybe he'll remember what that one was too. Thanks for your comment.