I have an IQ of 153 and I am a member of Mensa, but what does that really mean? Sure, intelligence is a great quality to have, but I know that there are more important things in life. I am not defined by a number, and I certainly don't think of others as 'inferior' to myself. I wish to put my intelligence to good use, instead of sitting around and bragging about it. I hope that someday I can use my potential to do something great.
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Seems like you have a good handle on things. When I was a munchkin my parents had me tested, I was about 4, from then on I was seen as a retirement plan. I was to be a surgeon and buy them houses and cars. Showed them though... Joined the infantry at 18 and went my own way. Making it a big deal helps no one. Just don't be surprised if as you get older people who notice your iq feel threatened. Lost a job once because I did math in my head in front of my boss.

I find it interesting that someone with a "normal" or "average" IQ strives so much to seem intelligent while the ones that actually do have a higher IQ say "oh it's nothing." I agree that it is just a number, another way for humans to recognize someone else and make something of them. Numbers truly are such a silly thing, it would be so simple and so much easier to live without them. Like many other things though, numbers have become necessary and something most can't live without.

So how did you find your exact iq?

I took an IQ test :P

Oh, like what kind. Was it long with math and stories, because I took one and it involved more logical pattern solving.

Go to any Mensa office and they will test you. Easy to find online. It's a very reliable test.

Sounds like the same kind as the one you took.

Oh, cool you freakin genius.

haha ;D

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