I Love My Irish Biyfriend

I love the way he burn on the sun, i love the way he's so pale, his beautiful blue eyes which look at me so kindly... his smile is so warm  covering my heart with peace so i feel so happy when i know i make him happy too.

 He taught me what love is and now i'll always see his flowery vales, from what i saw sand of my desert now i'll always see how flowery our love is and always be happy because i know deeply inside of my soul that i'll always have someone who loves me like no one else in the world would be able too, i have so many defects so many sins i can almost feel like i didn't deserve to receive that beautiful angel from God, so thank everyday and i always try to make him feel the most loveed guy in the world, that is teh only way i found to thank him!

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2 Responses Nov 2, 2009

Paddytram <br />
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yes of course, i dont like tans that much, i love pale skin!!! I always show him how much he's loved, and particularly he smiles so kindly when i say romantic things to him :)<br />
my boyfriend name is Christopher L. :)

Hang on to him and let him know how you feel. just as important he must be true onto you. A note aside--Pale guys are as good as tanned ones would you not agree?<br />
Just as a kicker--is his name Cillian Murphy?(The Eyes have it)