My Fifteen Years Old And My Fear Of Alien Abduction.


You know I was a girl who never cared about those creatures. When I was fifteen I was already scared of the night, couldn't get to sleep until the sun could penetrate my room in the morning. I was terrified and yet my brother got an interest in all sort of weird stuff like reptilian and finally aliens.

He was captived by what he was learning about the subject and of course he shared me the information. He told me the aliens had a contract with the gouvernement. In exchange of new technologie, aliens could make a list of humans and eat some of them. My brother told me that some guy was eaten alive and opened like a fish, I don't know, he told me they could get me anytime and that I wasn't safe.

You know I was fascinated, I was now reading stuff about aliens on the internet ... but at the night I was struggling with intense fear that they could get me and eat me alive.

I was texting my friends who were laughing about my case but I was really scared.

I couldn't close my eyes, I had to keep the lights opened, I wasn't doing anything... too scared to think about anything else.
I was asking myself without stopping '' is it time ? will they come tonight ?''

I was also wishing I could get to morning soon. I was even making promises to be good at school so I wouldn't be in danger anymore.

I tell you friend, It was hell.

Mikisilly Mikisilly
18-21, F
Apr 7, 2012