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Seriously. An Alien Phobia. It's Ridiculous.

I've never had any indication that aliens might be interested in me.  I'm not even interested in stories about UFOs.  I think most experiences of alien sightings and abductions are simply hypnogogic hallucinations, to tell you the truth.

And yet, here I am, a grown woman who is afraid of aliens.

I'll wake up in the middle of the night because I hear a noise, and immediately check to see if there's an alien in the room.  (LOL!)

If I'm outside at night and hear an unexplainable noise, I get back inside as quickly as possible.

It's ridiculous!  But I can't help it.  *blush*

My friends all know about it, and make jokes about it. 
Bradford Bradford 26-30, F 80 Responses Nov 18, 2007

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i just litterly google alien abduction fear because i can not sleep with out being tarified and im in my own house. i here peoples storys here and i am fasinated because i have the excact same experiences as every one else. like for example i study and read about aliens but then i cant sleep or am terrified to go into a dark room. its very true that it would be like if some one had araknilhobia and watched spider movies all day. i tell myself to stop watching to turn away but i cant i must know more. i think im seeking to under stand why and how humans excist but i am so scared at night that i cant sleep.

Hi, just stumbled onto this site. I have become increasingly haunted by my "alien phobia" and I am beginning to think it may be PTSD. I have always had an irrational fear of alien abduction and a fear of the dark in my bed room. I am always freaked out that I will open my eyes while laying in bed and there will be aliens standing over me with giant black eyes. In addition to this, I have a very vivid memory of paralyses/levitation/floating towards window. And I have seen a UFO hovering over my house once. Pretty creepy stuff.

I found this forum searching today after waking up screaming from dreams of frightening visitations and being afraid to sleep all night.. again. I also suffer from this phobia/fascination. For most of my life, I have spent the daylight hours fascinated by aliens and the night time terrified by them. I have an intense interest in our family from the stars, and I wish to meet them, but then I am scared that I actually will. This seems to be a common thing.

I believe that I know what is going on - I have heard channeled beings and contactee teachers allude to this - at this time in our evolution as human beings, we are on the verge of being ready to accept the more expanded view of reality that includes the widespread experience of being in normal communication with other sentient species. However, the higher frequency of some of these beings may bring up things in an individual that he or she is not quite ready to face.

Imagine you meet someone who lives in total acceptance of everything at every moment, and radiates joy all around, bringing peace to everyone they meet. You may feel jealous of them, or annoyed that they are so unfrazzled all the time, or even overly awed by them and feel bad that you can never have what they have. Basically they are reminding you that YOU are not living in full acceptance of everything, as they are.

I think that contact with star people bring this kind of experience, except even more, and we basically freak out. We fear the change in ourselves that is indicated.

So here is what happens (in my cobbled opinion): We desire and open our minds for contact with other beings. They come as "requested", because they consider us family and are excited to be in contact. We freak out, psychological overload. Continue ad naseum until we find a way to accept them, which is made even harder because others around us are saying "this doesn't even exist, and you are invalid for having such an experience".

This may be one explanation. I'm not sure how to get over this, as I still struggle, but I am trying to reframe my feelings. In the same way that I "agreed" to this contact, I can ask for it to be on my terms and done in a way that is not damaging to me, or to stop completely, if that is what I want. I believe that as beings we have this power and the right to exert it, whether it be through prayer, visualization, or what have you.

Several other things have helped me:

1) To remember and read stories about UN-frightening or even inspiring contact experiences, and pay attention to sources of extraterrestrial knowledge, channeling, teachings, etc that focus on positive and enlightening co-habitation of the universe, and a loving galactic family of species.

2) To focus on positive spiritual experiences that connect me to God or the higher self, reminding me of that piece of my that cannot be destroyed.

3) To engage in what is called "shadow work" or other therapy to help me bring up fears and repressed pieces of myself for greater acceptance of my whole being. This makes me less afraid in general - if you have seen the darkest parts of your soul and loved them, you cease to be at war with yourself.

It is a life-long process of learning I guess! I hope people who read this understand what I am talking about, and that it is helpful.


I have such a fear of greys that I sleep with a hand gun. It happend when my father turned on x-files and a grey was on the screen. A few years ago I felt something touch my hand. And I used to see shadows of small 'humoniod' creatures staring at me. One night I was so scared I heard noises and saw something move, I put 3 rounds into the wall where I saw a shadow. It was my coat. I seriously fear anything looking humanoid. But is not.

I know it sounds strange but. I sleep with a hand grenade iam that scared. One night I pulled the pin because I thought I saw a shadow. Later I looked and realised that it was nothing but a coat. I have such a fear of Aliens that I can barley sleep and Evan close my eyes.

We are here to help you,do not fear us. If our appearance startles you, you must understand, humans are very intimidating looking to us as well. All we want is to share with you our expansive knowledge to benefit you.First we must do what you do to 'lesser' species to document them and so we may implant a tiny, harmless, non-painful micro wave tracking device in a few of you . We know if we were to expose ourselves you the rest of humanity many would run, but many more would attack.

Oh wow, this is my 100% biggest fear.
I have seen several UFOs, a couple of which I have debunked myself since.
Our kitchen has one huge window facing our backyard and every time I walk passed it at night I have this mental image of glancing over and seeing a Grey standing there staring in at me. If that ever happened, theres no doubt in my mind that I'd likely simultaneously soil myself and have a heart attack.
I've always had this irrational fear of the facial features of the classic "Grey". I don't remember details but when I was young I would wake up every other night horrified of something and I would dash into my parents room and crawl in bed with them. I vaguely remember seeing some kind of shadowy figures in my room but nothing more than that. It could have been simply night terrors or sleep paralysis and I'm overthinking it all years later.
When I was 13, I had a dream that I remember better than any other that I've had. I got out of my bed and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. As I get back to my door I turn around and theres a single Grey staring me dead in the eyes, not two feet away. I felt nothing but pure, unadulterated terror. I recall attempting to ask aloud, "What are you/Why are you here?" but nothing came out it was like my vocal chords were paralyzed, then I realized that my entire body was paralyzed. It was at this point in the dream that I abruptly woke up gasping for breath and covered in sweat.
The next night I experienced a hypnic jerk (where you abruptly wake up feeling like you're falling) and I swear to god I saw a small hand with four long skinny fingers pull away from my face..

Haven't had any other creepy dreams or creepy hypnagogic hallucinations in several years now.
Since then I've kind of desensitized myself to the image of them by googling images of Greys. Its worked but I still jump in my seat when I scroll down a page on the net and unexpectedly stumble upon a picture of one.
Its the eyes I don't know man, its like they're staring into your very soul.

I forgot to mention that I am 20 years old.

I get this same exact feeling man. Except when I accidentally see a picture of a grey, I get so scared I almost start crying. I've had a dream where I was abducted by greys and put in some sort of gas chamber. I remember exiting the chamber and looking a grey dead in the eyes, but after that I woke up. That same day I woke up with circular marks on my wrist. I don't know why I get so scared, because that could've just been any regular dream. I had this fear before that dream, so I really don't know what's wrong with me. I'm so tired of it. I can't take the fear anymore. Every time I get up at night, I get so paranoid I won't leave my room or look out the windows. I just really need help

I'm only 9 and I'm reallly really really really scared plz help me

Freaky. I know the feeling. I don't know if I am suffering from an overactive imagination or what, but I completely understand what you are feeling. There is a panic factor to this that is un-explainable. Nothing freaks me out more than the thought of waking up with grey aliens surrounding me while I am in bed.

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I am 26 years old, and for as long as I can remember I have had a very strong fear of aliens, specifically "Greys" I dream about it sometimes, some of them incredibly vivid, and to the point that I do not sleep after waking up from one. Even when I am home alone, I have this fear that I am going to look up one night and see one in front of me, I cant shower without having a mini panic attack every time I close my eyes because I am afraid that I will open my eyes and one will be there. I see them out of my peripheral vision, I hear them at night, I feel like I can "sense" that they are there and are just waiting for the right opportunity. I've never talked to anyone about it, I have told my girlfriend of 7 years about it, since we live together I figured she should know, especially if something odd should happen, she kinda understands but still kind of pokes fun at me about it. It is something that feels like it gets worse and worse as the years go on, and I have no idea what to do about it, and not to sound disrespectful or anything, but to those claiming that the "Greys" are religious in origin, I am glad that you have found something that comforts you through it, but, I highly doubt these beings are religous, there is just something about all of it that makes me doubt any of it being religious.
On another note, and to stop myself from freaking out to much before trying to sleep, I am glad to find that other people do share this fear, my whole life I always thought I was the only one, anyone I had even hinted my fear at seems to just laugh it off like no one could be that afraid of something like this.

I have exact the Same feelings! And also the shower thing, exactly the same! I'm so glad I'm not the only one, but it's so horrible. I also can't sleep well. I'm so scared that they will abduct me or something...

Me too bit I don't like to talk about it

I lie in bed unable to sleep, too. I try to close my eyes to sleep but keep opening them thinking I will see an alien standing there. I have the shower fear, too. The fear comes and goes. One week I'll be fine. The next week I will be unable to sleep. I am glad too that I'm not the only one. It gives me some solace.

I am 41 and since a young child I have had a fear of aliens. Long before I could ever watch a movie or tv about it. I moved away from my home town and the fears left me. I traveled to Madrid Spain and had dreams of ufos when I was there, three day later I was in France, no dreams, after two weeks went back to Madrid and had dreams there and was at a different hotel. I recently moved back to my home town and the other night I was dreams and felt long bony fingers touch me and woke with a startle to see a grey in my face and he was giving me a shot or something in my arm i tried to scream but i past out like getting meds for a surgery and I didn't wake till the morning. Normally if I had a disturbing dream it would wake me. I am a very light sleeper and noises bother me so I sleep with ear plugs in. All I know is I can get that Face out of my mind.

I think that there might be a reason that when we see a picture of a grey there is an undeniable fear. It strikes to the very core of us. I watched a video ( more then a couple now ) The premise of the video was that aliens are in fact demons. The very same demons in the bible. It actually makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck. In the bible its says that Satan himself posses as a angel of light. What could sway the minds of people here on earth from religion and to somewhat bow down to a so called technologically advanced race these aliens. If you ever do come in contact with one or feel that your being watched . Say (I rebuke you in Jesus name) Or (The Lord Rebuke you) and feel that energy flow through you.

What do you do after they laugh and say, "OMG! These humans still believe in all this religion ****!"?

I believe there are demons, I have seen them, nothing like greys. I have seen ghosts too. Call me sensitive. But demons are not whole. They still are not corporeal. I believe in god and have used the rebuke you in Jesus Christ name and it does work. You are right about that. I do not believe that demons would to sedate someone or project that image in their minds. I do however believe that the bible talks about falling angels, angels that come from the skys and are here, they could be talking about aliens. The Dead Sea scrolls and before that in India they have mention if beings descending from flying chariots in the sky. That they are not from here. There is mention that the mate with humans and give birth to hybrids. I do not believe demons can or have the ability to cemanate someone. They can take over someone's body and cause havoc in someone's life. Now here is something really weird. I have a scar at the base of my skull that looks like an incision mark. It's been there since my early twenties. I have no idea where it came from or how it got there. My mother saw it and asked me about it. I didn't know it was there. It's still there and sometimes it's red like its new. Its at least an inch long. Now I can't say I have been abducted. I have no memory of being in a spaceship or having experiments done on me. But I do have an extreme fear. I do not fear ghosts or demons for I know The Lord is with me. I believe I have seen ufos. But I don't know what the government has for aircrafts so one could never be sure. I did get out of bed one morning very early and got in the shower and saw a black aircraft out my bathroom window and it was done so close I could not see the house next door. I screamed and ran out and when I got the nerve to go back its was gone and all I could see was the dawn with the moon in the sky. Which was only a minute or two later. It does not correspond with the night I saw and felt a grey touching me. You may think I am crazy and perhaps it may be a little true but my fear makes me want to cry.

I have a similar fear of the 'greys' as well. Ever since I saw this movie 'Dark Skies' I haven't been able to EVER fall asleep alone since the movie came out. Im afraid if i sleep alone then I will wake up to one looming over me. I'm only 14 and this newfound phobia only began months ago, but i feel like every night is a night I'm being watched, in danger, and just overall fear. I do not have any odd experiences as you all below do. But, i cant help but be curious about the greys, i want to know more, then when i see photos about them, fear almost consumes me.

I just can't understand why there are so many of us who are having this experience of fear over the grey type of alien. I haven't even seen that many movies about them because I can't sleep properly for at least a week after seeing a grey alien movie, so I'm not sure where this phobia originated from. I'm not even really into sci-fi either.

i think that honestly we have all been abducted by grays in one point in our lives or another. sometimes we have very intense traumatic experiences that we do not remember due to how scared or painful it made us feel at that time. we still have the fear of them but we simply do not understand why because we forgot. my bf is into abductions because he strongly thinks he has been, it doesnt scare him [ makes me envious] he says its because they are trying to 1) help or 2) hurt us. it doesnt really matter since we are in meat suits. i enjoy all alien movies i think they are awesome but like others say the Grays are the most feared. to me i hate their eyes they are nothing but blackness and their rather large head; they can talk to us with out using their voice that in itself is just creepy -_-

I know exactly how you feel. I too am 14 and have also seen dark skies and meany other terrifying clips and images of aliens, I am so utterly fascinated with aliens yet i fear them so much. I can never fall asleep, I usually stay up until 4:00 in the morning just after the danger time of 3:33. Recently i'v been delving deep into the history of the human race and global contact with aliens, yet the more i look into it the more frightened i am. Alien phobia is a trap, it quite literally is a trap. once you get a gimps of aliens mam o man will you be hooked on the things. i spend at least 4 hours a day researching aliens and can barley keep my eyes closed for half a minuet without pooping my pants and going into shock and having a heart attack! well maybe its not that bad but its still bad and i have to ask you to save yourself before its too late its for your own good gust ignore aliens from now on and you should be fine. I hope this was helpful to you

It is relieving yet gives my whole body goosebumps to know that there are this many people with the same phobia. I am 18, and have had an irrational fear of the "Greys" since I watched a movie called something like 'The McPherson Abduction' when I was a kid. Ever since then, I flare up every now and then, with a fear that is so petrifying that I depry myself of sleep, trying to stay awake in case one comes. Unlike a lot of these posts, I do have a memory of what I think to be a visiting from a grey. When I was 11, I was visited, by what I believe to be one of these 'greys'. When it happened, it was so dark at the time that it just looked like a shadowy figure, crouching down to look at me from about 30 cm above my head. I was able to move and covered my heads with a blanket. Took a peek a couple of minutes later and it was still there, now standing still looking down. Once again I took a dive into the blanket. A final look and it was gone.
I was definitely not asleep, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.
As scared as I am, I'm fascinated by them and am always wanting to watch movies and documentary's and read about them. Trouble is, as soon as I do. I'm petrified for a while.

Don't worry, lyrans control what come in and out of this planets atmosphere. It's your human mind playing tricks on you.

I am afraid of aliens as well, my friends make jokes about me in face even one put an alien doll inside my car and sat it on the dash board, i about killed them.

Guys, what is going on here? Why do we all share this same fear? Its comforting to know that I'm not the only one that has the fear, but then its scary to read all these stories that sound exactly like words that have come out of my own mouth.

I too share the fear/fascination dilemma. I am absolutely terrified and sometimes lose sleep, but find myself reading about them, watching movies/tv shows with them or even drawing them. Why would someone do this? I think someone else put it well when they said it would be like an arachnophobe watching youtube videos about horrible spiders.

I don't know what it is about these things. Obviously the eyes are the worst. Dead lifeless eyes that just stare right through you. I wonder what it is about them that makes us so afraid?

I just want it to go away.

Weird. I am 30 as well and I grew up as a kid watching shows like ghostbusters, old vampire movies my dad liked, and even movies that had other types of aliens and evil looking creatures in them. My point? Even as a young boy, no creature conjured by man's most sinister efforts scared me in the same paralyzing, deep way that a picture of a grey alien's face did when i was around 10 years old, old enough to be over such fears.

I remember unsolved mysteries. the first time i saw a grey face was on that show. strangely it wasn't in a well produced movie. it was a crude drawing of the face shown on television. It was not attached to any body that was actively chasing anything. It did nothing to cause fear except show its face, which of all things looked vaguely human. And yet it was that first sight which sent the worst fears I have ever experienced in my life straight through my spine.

I think it really all culminated when I watched a movie called "Communion" and I had horrible phobias for years to come about aliens coming to get me. And thoughts of them still make my skin crawl today whenever i am in the dark. The big eyes, small mouth? Just talking about it gives me the shivers. Yet, as far as I can remember, I have never been abducted.

It is a strange coincidence that all of us seem to share the same irrational fear of the same image from a very young age. There must be something to it. I theorize that either we were abducted and just can't remember, or there is some fundamental, even instinctual fear of these creatures which may have evolved in humans long ago. And don't trust the guy that says he's an alien, or the guy who can explain it all away. Neither are correct. I am a rational person, but there is something to this alien thing. I don't think they're aliens. I think they are something else, and they have been lying to us for quite a while.

By the way, I'm 29 years old and I'm from Costa Rica.

Well, it's very difficult to explain. I've been suffering this phobia all my life. I've never seen anything, but if I have insomnia or if I heard something weird I only think about aliens. Some people say why I'm afraid of something that doesn't exist or something that I've never seen. I don't know it's strange but very uncomfortable. It's difficult for me to handle, I don't watch movies or anything related to it.

Thank goodness I am not the only one....

*URGENT* I am a Alien. There are more scientific explanations why you may see, hear or smell aliens. Lets start with media- then the gossip- then science then pure physcological factors. Really all you have left is a fear. We created man and women. So are race would live on. We only examine what we need to. Most just lie or try to get famous. We never KILL or destroy human tissue. I will not say we do not Probe becasue in the early 50's we did only to see regenaration rates on production.

Look - do you really think there is life out there able to travel the colossal distance between their origins and the Earth? Stars in the night sky may seem on our doorstep but in reality the distance between us is staggering. Any race with this technology would need be so far advanced in so many ways that it becomes impossible to believe their craft 'crash', aliens are 'captured', or 'working with the government' - let alone standing in our bedrooms.

I think the real fear here is no different to our collective terror of ghosts, monsters, dragons, spiders, gods, thunder, strangers; some of those things a real threat to our frightened ancestors in their cave dwellings at night. Now a harmless dressing gown hanging on the wall becomes a figure, a creaking pipe becomes something moving. Our peripheral vision becomes more sensitive to movement in the dark - we instinctively 'look' for trouble. Fear is meant to protect us and keep us alive, even if it means staying up all night. The cause of the fear isn't always WHAT you fear.

Look up sleep paralysis for a very simple explanation for many supposed abductions - and note how the creatures vary from culture to culture. WE create them in our imaginative minds! The same minds that may, a few hundred years from now, develop the technology to travel around the stars ourselves. If there is intelligent life out there, somewhere, then in all likelihood it too evolved from equally frightened creatures?

I would like to thank the person that created this site, I am so excited to know there are others like me. I am a 30 year old father of 2 and I have a terrible alien phobia. Maybe I shouldn't classify it as a phobia, it isn't consistent enough. I only become afraid when I watch TV programs with the ubiquitous "greys" or alien abduction stories. It first started when i was about 8 years old I watched a show called "Unsolved Mysteries" there were quite a few stories about Alien abductions, also the movie Fire in the Sky almost sent me down the path to insanity. The idea of these beings keeps me awake at night and very afraid to be alone. But why? As far as I can consciously remember I have never been abducted, neither have I any evidence of their existence. This fear in my mind is completely irrational, but for one reason or another I can never seem to think myself out of this state, especially at night. I would love know if anyone here has overcome this fear and wouldn't mind sharing their experience or some techniques.

Often times I don't know which I have more of fear or fascination. I have realized the best way for me to deal with this is to allow it to fade from my memory. But recently the History Channel created a show called "Ancient Aliens" I cant take my eyes away from this show. I have watched almost all of the episodes and I have even gone online to research some of their theories. This is almost like someone with Arachnophobia watching a special on how dangerous spiders are. I hope one day we find the answers and I can handle the truth. Good luck to everyone with this issue.

Weird. I am 30 as well and I grew up as a kid watching shows like ghostbusters, old vampire movies my dad liked, and even movies that had other types of aliens and evil looking creatures in them. My point? Even as a young boy, no creature conjured by man's most sinister efforts scared me in the same paralyzing, deep way that a picture of a grey alien's face did when i was around 10 years old, old enough to be over such fears.

I remember unsolved mysteries. the first time i saw a grey face was on that show. strangely it wasn't in a well produced movie. it was a crude drawing of the face shown on television. It was not attached to any body that was actively chasing anything. It did nothing to cause fear except show its face, which of all things looked vaguely human. And yet it was that first sight which sent the worst fears I have ever experienced in my life straight through my spine.

I think it really all culminated when I watched a movie called "Communion" and I had horrible phobias for years to come about aliens coming to get me. And thoughts of them still make my skin crawl today whenever i am in the dark. The big eyes, small mouth? Just talking about it gives me the shivers. Yet, as far as I can remember, I have never been abducted.

It is a strange coincidence that all of us seem to share the same irrational fear of the same image from a very young age. There must be something to it. I theorize that either we were abducted and just can't remember, or there is some fundamental, even instinctual fear of these creatures which may have evolved in humans long ago. And don't trust the guy that says he's an alien, or the guy who can explain it all away. Neither are correct. I am a rational person, but there is something to this alien thing. I don't think they're aliens. I think they are something else, and they have been lying to us for quite a while.

I run from my car to the house if I get home past dark. Then I'm always looking behind my back, and going through the house with a flashlight, and all the lights on to be sure there are no aliens there. I'm so freaked out by the windows. Sometimes I just want to board them up. I hate it. It also started when I was a kid. I watched a UFO show with my dad. Since then it's been out of control. The thing is, I'm so interested in UFO's and aliens, but im also so scared.

I have the same problem. And I'm a 29 year old male. Is there a reason for this??

Also because it took up so much otime and thoughts I talked about it constantly and in turn gave my poor little sister the same fear now. She is the same way. Im sorry Steph!

I also have this fear. Started while I was about seven. A small child watching Communion with christopher walken. Gave me the worst phobia of all. All through my life I was terrified that I was abducted or just of alien presence on general. I was convinced that I had been abducted and would spend nights awake scared to close an eye because I would see a greys face staring down at me. There were times I would wake in random places of my house and not remember how I git there. I do jot know whether it was sleep walking or not but I convinced myself I had been taken in the night. As I got older it subsided a little. And then I had my son. I was terrified that they would come and take him at night while I was sleeping. There were times it would get better and then I saw the fourth kind. Lost so much sleep due ti that movie. Like everyone else on here I too see the face and sleep with covers over my ears, cannot sleep with my back facing the door and always have some sort of night light in. A year ago my son (now 13) pulled what he thought was a prank. On me. He printed a picture of a grey and made a mask out of it ti wake ne in the night. I was screaming so bad followed by sobbing.even after I found out it was inly him. I think he now understands how serious my fear is.

Did not even see your mention of communion. Till after I posted my comment. The worst part for me is when the door cracks and you see him peek through.

I knew I wasn't the only one like this but a lot of these peoples stories on here remind me of my own most of them happen when I was a kid the first one I can remember was I was at my grandparents house (I grew up in the deep south middle of nowhere louisiana) well I was sleeping in my moms trailer which is right next to my grand parents house it was summer and very hot I remember wakeing up and I was floating above my bed I felt comforted but kind of weirded out at the same time it was like my whole body was suspended in the air but for some reason I just fell right back to sleep. The next morning my mom woke me up shocked because she found me sleeping on top of my book shelf which was about six foot tall there was no way I could have climbed up there by my self in my sleep. Well about two years later I was helping my grandmother do the dishes I rmember being very younge cause I had to stand on a stool to reach the sink. I was drying them while she was washing. It was pitch black out side probably around eight I would guess and all of a sudden the yard lit up like it was the middle of the day and then a huge whiteish yellow light came across the sky it looked like it was falling from the sky and on fire and then it passed over the house and got dark again then we heard a distant boom. The next day on the news we heard about a a crash over in the swamp and that there were millitary personel there and after that day we never heard anything about it again. Well id say about seven or eight years later I was again at my grandparents house and I was watching tv in there fifth wheel camper and it was about two or three in the morning and all of a sudden there greatdanes start raising hell in the back yard chasing somthing well I look through the blinds and there was this small black circle they were chasing aroun the yard it darts passed the fence and stands under the street lamp we have in the yard in goes from being about six inches tall to about seven seven and a half foot tall all black like a shadow no ears no face I couldn't make anything out except the boday and arms and legs well it looks back at the dogs and let's out this hellashis scream that I can still hear now it plays in my head everytime I think about it and then looks dead at me in the camper looks away and jumps dead jumpfrom where its standing thirty to fourty feet into the woods. I'm sorry for the long *** story but I haven't told anyone these in years and I though people should know

I am so scared i dont sleep anymore ive been interested in these kind of thing since i can remember i would always watch documentarys as a child even though the last thing i wanna know is that my greatest fear is REAL. just recently about 3 days ago i came across a mans alien abductee videos and let me tel you i have been scared shitless since then...the most i sleep is 4 hours a day and atnight when i close my eyes because they start to feel heay and i feel tierd, keeep in mind THE TV IS ON i close my eyes then i get the image of an alien in my head and quickly open my eyes and in my imagination i see a grey alien standing on front of my closet and force my self that i am no longer tierd. I guess the thing about aliens that scares me out of my mind is those big eyes i cant stand it ...hopefully ill get some sleep tonight.

This is important and i hope you all read this.. my fear started when I was young and watched fire in the sky. I've been obsessed with alien existence all my life. No one should fear them.. we come from them, at least some of us do.. They care about us. Our planet is an amazing place with an astounding history. government and media push these fears of them into our heads with movies and false abductions. Aliens aren't the ones that abduct people and do terrible things to them. Just think about all of this logically.. If they wanted to know what we were made of, why would they return people? If they have the technology to travel through space and time, why wouldn't they have already done sinister deeds to us or this planet already? It's all an illusion to keep the people in power there.. Research star children and open your minds :) also, the documentary "the Phoenix lights" if amazing

That was supposed to say, is amazing and will help you feel more positive and excited about our friends:) if it helps, I'm in school for physics so i promise I'm not a moron

Hello, i'm a brazilian guy, a 24 years old political science student. I'm glad i'm not the only one to have this phobia, since all the reports show a sort of pattern. But in my case, i think there is a first phobia before the one about being abducted by aliens. When i was a kid, i remember being sitted with my parents outside my house, talking under the starry sky. I remember that, when i saw a ''star'' moving, i'd freak out or ask my father what was that. The common answer was ''oh, it is a satellite''. Since i was a kid, i have terrible nightmares about being lifted to the sky, as if some invisible force was transporting you. It was always the night sky, or something coming from it, that made me wake up sweating cold. My parent's house is near an old and little airport, located in the coastal town i was born - actually a field for little planes of some bussinessmen land. It happened there, in march 2004 ,that i was playing kites with my cousin. It was about twilight, when i saw a little strange cloud in the horizon, just above us. The sky was clean, except for this cloud. Then, all of sudden, a little yellow luminous ball made an arch, a curve, appearing from behind this cloud. At first i thought it was a star or firework, but then i saw that the ob<x>ject stopped in the air. About five minutes, me and my cousing were staring and pointing at the thing, and i even said to him, ''is that thing what i'm thinking it is ?'' and then, in the strangeness of the situation, the ball made the same movement, a curve, but backwards. Then it disappeared behind the strange little cloud. I was waiting till the night staring the cloud, but it gradually disappeared in the dark horizon and i never saw the ob<x>ject again. There was a second ocasion, that i got concerned that my fear of the sky has reason to be. It happened in december 2006, it was summer, a hot afternoon and i went to the beach with my father and my brother - who was 10 years old. The beach was crowded with people, but we sat not far from the sea. Then, while i was swimming, i went to the sands when i saw my father worried, as if he had lost something. He said my brother had disappeared. I said to my father to calm down, not to worry, while i went looking my brother east of the beach and my dad west. I was asking everybody if they saw somebody with my brother desc<x>ription, but no one saw him. My father was desperate. He started to cry. Called the police and the lifeguards. Then, about 15 minutes later, a policeman called my father on the phone and said that they found Victor, my brother. The man told that my bro was found about 5 km far from our beach. When asked what happened, Victor told he looked for my father among the crowd, but got lost and, somehow, didn't remember to walk entire kilometers. It would be all a normal and unlucky situation, if Victor hadn't said to me that, in his words, he saw '' a metallic bubble'' coming from the sky and, all of sudden, his last memory was feeling lost and asking the help of a young couple, who called the cops.I always had a irrational fear of aliens and abductions, since i was a kid, even to the point of staying an entire night awaken because of this fear. Now i live alone and study in other city, the capital of my state. But i still can't look to the picture of a gray alien, or even see a movie like Fire in the Sky, Communion or X files without having nightmares. I also researched and found that, in the story of my family, there is very strange cases about mysterious strangers and sightings. My mother told me, that when i was a kid, i used to play with a imaginary friend who, acordding to myself, ''floated in the corner of the wall and the ceilling''. But the most bizarre thing in my past is that my [deceased] grandfather had a big tree in his yard, and when i pointed to the tree's crown screaming and crying about some horrible thing hidden behind the leaves.My grandfather even took a wood and shake the tree, but there was nothing there. It was not enough. He had to cut the tree, for me to calm down once and for all. I wonder if there is something sinister, hidden going on , and i'm worried about my family's safety. As the going says, '' where there is smoke, there is fire''