Yeah, yeah, yeah, I bet your wondering, if I have a fear of cars, how do I get around?
Well the truth is, I'm fine being IN a car, I just hate being out on the roads around moving cars.
Say for eg, I'm waiting at the pedestrian  crossing waiting for the lights to change, if a car comes past that is either in the lane right infront of me or the middle, I HAVE to take a few steps back. I don't know why, I'm terrified that somehow I'm gonna get hit, the closer the car, the more scared I get.
Actually its not just cars, its also motorbikes, trucks, trams, trains, buses. etc. Ugh, I hate it. Imagin being in your car and seeing someone on the footpath jumped back as you drive past them, even though you're on the road and they're not.....ugh.
SmexiKay SmexiKay
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Lol, actually yeah I do watch those t.v show, and I love 'em =p But I don't think thats why I have this fear, i've had it since before I started watching those kind of shows.