lately i have many fears since ive heard the news i will have lost my old therapist(s).Replaced by new ones.
My fears have been about loss. Ive feared being murdered or that the people i love will be murdered or dissapear by whatever reason possible.The irrational part is i fear it will happen any second.I cannot relax.I am frightened most of the time and i cannot get over it.This makes me want to cry and i feel very hopeless.
I dont know what to do about my fears as it seems there is nothing i can do.I dont want to live my life in fear of everything but i am at a loss as how to stop.Nobody knows this about me.I dont talk a lot about how i feel.I tried talking to my mom once but afterwards i didnt feel any better.The worst part of all is i guess im losing my therapist.So my only choice is to tell my story to people who dont really know me.It doesnt matter how good a therapist.I dont tell my whole life story to someone i dont trust.So in essence i am very much trapped.
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Jan 12, 2013