I Hate That Authority = Bulls**t

This is random... but at work today, my manager, was over in our selling area and some customers came up and asked us (me a couple co-workers and the manager) they wanted to know where they could get a good steak (they were on vacation, not from our area) and i offered a suggestion, and my co-worker offered one...we both suggested restaurants we'd actually eaten at before and enjoyed...and my manager over powers us and says loudly, "Go to ________" (a local restaurant) He says "BEST STEAKS in town!!!" And then he goes into how he was a chef for the 49ers (whatever the hell that means!) and so he says he knows what he's talking about, he knows good food. So they say thank you, we'll go there, and leave.
As they walk away, my manager says ..."Well i've never actually eaten there before..." And my reaction is to crack up! I want to say "Damn you are so full of **** arn't you??" But i want to keep my job so i just laugh at him, cause him to start laughing uncontrollably, and we just laugh and laugh about it...he had tears coming out of his eyes he was laughing so hard.
Now maybe i'm nit picking here, but this kinda crap really annoys me and ****** me off. Because this isn't just about steaks, this happens all the time. People in authority bulls**t just so they can appear in charge, they just want to appear to have all the answers...they will take over and over power anyone around, and they will just blatantly lie to whoever they want in order to maintain this allusion that they know what they're talking about. They probably consider it "improvising". But i call it lying and deception. If he was honest he could have just said that he knew people who ate there and enjoyed the food. He didn't have to imply that he personally could tell that their steaks are first rate, since he is "a chef" and all. Am i the only one that is bothered by this? This kind of attitude? To lie, just to appear knowledgable? This is why i will never be in management, because i'm just too honest. I will say when i just don't have the answer. I'm not afraid to appear to not have all the answers. My ego just isn't that big i guess. I could give so many more examples of this...people in authority bullshiting, having to one up you...but it annoys me to think about so i'll just leave you with this one...
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My goodness! I never thought i'd meet the aquaintence of someone who thinks along the same lines as myself. Again, I can totally relate and understand your point of view, and agree with your observations. Thank you for sharing Katie.