Sexual Dreams

I keep having dreams about this guy at my school. We've taken classes together and he's sooooo fine! He has the cutest smile and he has dreads. He plays baseball, basketball, soccer, and football for our university. Whenever we see each other we smile at each other and have small talk. It's funny because we have that goofy grin on our faces but we're both in relationships so we can't be together. My dreams are so raunchy Lol! in my dreams, we had sex everywhere on campus. i wake up literally humping my pillow ha ha! i wish my dreams come true! The sex is SO amazing! He knows all the right spots and i get chills every time he touches me. *sighs* if only it was real.....
Smileey2013 Smileey2013
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 23, 2012

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