Kate And Paragard, A Love Story...

i got my iud only about 3 weeks ago it was the best decision i have made for my sexual health ever.  i tired hormonal birth control and it was absolutely horrible, my mood swings were so bad that i was miserable and my boyfriend wouldn't have sex with me because i was ******* nuts.  the iud is a life saver.  

it hurt getting it put in, like the worst cramps i ever had.  it was all kinds of unpleasant, during and after and i had to miss class.  i spent two days in bed with a heating pad on my belly but the cramps went away after the 2nd day.  my period is normally long: 7 days (i know that sucks) but only heavy for 3 days, spotting for 4.  i just finished my first period it was 9 days, heavy for all but the last one and i started spotting today, 2 days after my period but its really light.  all of this is annoying but not as bad as being suicidally depressed and horny at the same time like the pill made me.  my boyfirend cant feal it, my period was long and hevy but relitivly painless and it is soposed to go back to normal in like 3 months.  but honestly if my periods are like this and i spot in the mornings for the next 10 years it will be worth it. 

i would recommend a copper iud to anyone who dosnt want hormones. 

**** update ****
so i haven't gotten my 2nd period yet, it should come in a weak or so.  this last weak was kinda horrible, all crampy.  i was out to eat with my friend and i couldn't stand the pain i was sopped to go food shopping with her but i had to go home.  i have been spotting everyday sense it got it put in which will be a month tomorrow.  but i still dont regret it it should hurt less soon and it wasn't this bad until a weak or so ago.  and some days the spotting is not all day so i can still have sex.  oh but i couldn't ****** for a while, well i could but i didn't want to because it hurt that has passed though i just have to be fully aroused before i ****** and im fine.  and my pms is longer which is annoying because its pretty bad to begin with its been like a weak so far and im worried that it will last an other weak till my period starts. 

katearoo katearoo
May 2, 2010