Mirena Nightmare

My Doctor told me the Mirena could help me with my heavy periods & the associated problems each month, so after careful consideration I had my Mirena put in on 20 Dec 2010. It has been a constant nightmare. I have 5 of the 6 side effects listed in the leaflet PLUS the ones they don't tell you about:

Zero Sex Drive

At the 3 week mark I went and say my Gyno who told me that women who have the Mirena without first having a child generally have a harder time of it (I have yet to stop bleeding or cramping), but he was concerned about the constant migraine and debilitating depression. He asked me to give it 1 more week so it would have a full cycle to settle in; so I agreed.

Today a chemist I go to for my boss told me that if you can wait it out for 6 weeks, it will be much better after that. I have read so much on the internet about this & the time it does or doesn't take to get better that I am wishing for a crystal ball right now to see if it's worth sticking it out or if if I should quit while I still have a shred of sanity left.

Personally, I think any woman who has "hormonal" problems at period time should really think long and hard before getting the Mirena.

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I had the Mirena removed yesterday. Oh joy of joys! Already I feel emotionally better, not sure if that is psychosomatic or not - but don't really care. LOL

Although I am having a period at the moment, I know that mercifully it won't last for 7 weeks :).

Thank you for your concern - you are such a sweetheart, and I think your right... I have had trouble with the "Pill" in the past, but my gyno swears there is such a low dose of hormone in the Mirena that it shouldn't cause any problems. All the side effects are irritating, am thinking it's time to quit while I'm ahead.

Also don't really like the thought of a foreign object floating around in my body if you know what I mean.

Thank you for your comment, it's very sweet of you. I'm still not good; have more down days then up ones (& the ups never seem to last a whole day anyway) but will hang in for another week to see if the 6 week mark does bring any improvement. Oh & I usually take so many painkillers every month it's a wonder I can walk straight!

Also two other joyful side effects I forgot to list above:

Night sweats

Itchy, tender breasts.