Worried About Mirena

I got mirena put in two months after i miscarried. I'm having mixed feelings about it. I havn't had any real bad problems with it. Ive only had spotting here and there and when i have my period its really light. But i get little sharp shooting pains sometimes that hurts. Now im hearing about all this bad stuff about it and i don't want anything to happen to me and i want to have kids and i don't want mirena to ruin it. Ive kinda decided to take it out but now ill have to find another birthcontrol. If anyone reads this i like to hear if mirena turned out good or bad and if there were any birthcontrol that anyone liked.
mrsskittles mrsskittles
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

I have the iud and hate it. The first yr of having it was great but now it's causing a lot of probs. I haven't gotten mine out yet because I don't have money to do so an idk what bc I would go to