Mirena Question.. A Little Tmi

have had mirena in for about 2 years now.... I would say after 6 months i had NO periods... dont get me wrong every now and than i would get spotting that maybe lasted half a day and it wouldnt even fill up a light tampon... Well today out of nowhere i woke up went to the bathroom wiped and there was a decent amount of blood (about what you would see as a normal start to your period also a blood clot about the size of a marble maybe a little bit bigger) i put a regular tampon in and it filled it up about 3 quarter (had mild cramping and back pain) and somehow it got to the tampon string so i took it out ... i had stopped bleeding than about 10 minutes ago i had about moderate cramping and back pain went to the bathroom and it was like full blown period. is there normal for people with mirena who havent had their period in a while? also i read something about expulsion of mirena but that it ussually occurs within the first couple months... sorry its just since i havent had period in sooo long its kinda worrying me
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Hi! My experience is with copper IUDs, not Mirena, but perhaps this will help. I have had a copper IUD in for two weeks, but a friend of mine has had her copper IUD for over a year. She very rarely has periods, but when she does, she has HEAVY ones. However, for a blood clot like that, you should probably call your doctor and at least speak to a nurse. They'll have you come in if it is something you should worry about.