I got Mirena because, getting "the pill" will mean having to take it EVERY SINGLE day and lets face it, I'm not good at remembering things like that lol.


-Don't have to worry about forgetting to take it.

-Effective up until 5 years.

-Can get it taken out whenever you want.

-Makes it easier to have a child (that's what the pamphlet and website says)

-Only took a couple minutes to get put it.

-Doesn't affect your weight.



-Lots of side effects..

-Have to have at least 1 kid to have it.



Thanks for reading! =]

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I actually had it removed because I was getting terrible stomach pains and related it to the mirena..Then, I still had the stomach pains after getting it removed so the doctor ordered me an ultrasound and I had an ovarian cyst. So, I went on the birth control pill and ended up getting pregnant with my 2nd child and 26 weeks along now. Can you say crazzzy.

I had mine put in on 20 Dec 2010 (also without ever having had a child) & have had the worst time ever. I have not stopped bleeding or crying since PLUS the constant headache I have nothing positive to say about it at the moment. I have been told that if you can hang in there it does get better...but have also been told it never gets better.<br />
<br />
All I can offer you in the way of advice is do what you think is best for you.<br />
<br />
PS. My Gyno told me that women who get it put in & haven't had a child have a worse time of it.

I got mine a week ago, and have never even been pregnant...my GYN has put it in 15 year olds and hasn't had issues. I am loving mine so far as well, I haven't had any issues (getting it put in was horrible for me though!!) . I am really hoping that Im one of those lucky girls that gets to go without having a period! :-D

I've had mine almost 4 years, and I have no complaints. I had it put in after the birth of my youngest son, and I haven't had any bad side affects at all. One great side affect, though. I haven't had a period since before I was pregnant with him! After that I was breastfeeding, and then I got the IUD which causes me not to bleed at all. I love it, and I'll be getting another one when its time to have this one removed.