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I Live Better With It

i have to do my makeup every day or i feel like shi* about my self even though every one says i look good with out it i dont feel the same and right now im out with no money to get more and i cant go look for the job i so desperatly need cause if i dont have it i dont have the confidence i do when i can where it so aka im screwed     thanks for reading this and yea i know i cant spell lol sorry

snowbunny1432Nshaun snowbunny1432Nshaun 22-25 3 Responses Sep 15, 2009

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well i cant deny that i am but its easyer and it makes me feel better.and someone really anyone could see that if they saw me with and with out it.

thanks hun i cant go wit out my eye liner and shadow though lol its a curse lol

I know wot u mean, i always have to put on makeup when i go out, otherwise i feel like cr*p also. Though i've gotten betta recently by just puttin a lil on, e.g. Foundation and mascara only... But there are days when i just stay home without any on, cos i know its not good for ur skin to be wearing it all the time. <br />
Also a tip: make sure you use mineral makeup as it has less chemicals in it, which is betta for ur skin & the environment.