I believe that I am a modern day succubus. And possibly bi-curious. Well I'm not 100% on either of those things but I do know I am a tease and I check out girls so I don't know. I'm using this guy, that really likes me. It's just it feels so good to be wanted. Everything in life's been so flippy floppy that it feels nice to have that one constant thing but I'm using him and I don't even like him like that. What am I gonna do? I already got the ball rolling how do I stop it?
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then be bad dont let it lie dormant

Ok so how are you a modern day succubus? Succubi feed of the sexual energies of men and in the case of Bo from Lost Girl women. Are you using the guy for sex?

yes for sex and satisfaction

How do you know that he isn't using you? Maybe he is much smarter than you give him credit for. Maybe he is playing you like a cheap guitar and you don't realize the con is on you. In fact, if you really think about it, you aren't really f...king him...........he is actually f...king you and probably loving every minute of it.

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