I Have Moodswings...

...not just the ones where sadness and happiness (or anger) kinda roll around and interchange. This one is more about being nice and then suddenly sprouting horns.

I shared this anonymously, but what the hell, I'll share it here anyway: I once replaced a "friend's" drink with gutter water, because she spread another friend's secret and almost cost that person her job.

Did I feel bad?

No. Not at all.

In fact, I would keep doing it even if it means I have to buy her drink for her every single day. >=)

This is one of those things though ^_^

sodancewithme sodancewithme
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Well you do what you think is right. But from my perspective, i think that you should let it be. Maybe talk to her about it or whatever. But be the person you want the world to be. You can make a change in everyday and everyone always gets it sooner or later. Be careful. Karma will get you. (: