My Older Brother Is Mean

My brother and I are both addopted from different biological parents.
He is white, and I am hispanic, and Italian.
Both born in Abilene Texas.

For some reason my older brother always seemed to be mean . He would get what ever he wanted. He was always spending money on things he shouldnt have spent on. When his freinds would come over he would always make me an indiot, and start yelling things to do. It would make me very sad, that I can't have any fun. When we were growing up, he was the one everbody wanted to be friends with, except me, everyon wanted to be with him then me. Everytime I met a new potential friend, he ends up stealing them away from me .He is always telling me what do to, even though were in are early twenties. He is 24, I am 21. He is married now, his wife is nice, but  she is kind of weird, she says one thing, and does another. She doesn't do anything at all. But she is not mean though. My brother was always the center of attention, at christmas time, I tried to keep my christmas list to a low lever, beacuse I didn't want to ask for much. On the other hand, my older brother begged my parents for a PS2 when it camed out several years ago. He got pissed because they told him no. On christmas day, he opend a package from mom and dad, and there it was a PS2. He gave mom and dad, grandma, and grandpa, hugs. He even cried over the thing. He was always the one with video games. Had a nintendo 64, playstaion, playstation 2, playstaion 3, xbox 360 live, and now he was a wii. What a dork, I mean I will play video games, but not a whole lot. My brother thinks he knows it all, he tells my dad what do to, and use to tell my mother what to do, before she passed away in 2009. When ever I want to talk to him, he doesn't payattention, except his video games, and television, and being a total dork .
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

this is really similar to how my brother is like and it really upsets me

basiclly the same for me :(

oh soo sad