My Bro

I have an older brother..we are 5 years apart...and i love him to death...he loves me very much too i can tell.... though we never told that we we love each other ..he's the typical elder brother...protective..shoots a look at any guy who tries to hit on me...he has even confronted a few boys who kept bothering me..for me those boys were no big deal..i can just ignore them..i just told my mum about it and mum casually told my brother about it..and the next day i found out he confronted them...haha..i find it all quite amusing actually..its so nice to have someone looking over parents sure are protective..but he sure is more protective of me than them...and he' so playful..he's a grown man but whenever he sees me we play around like how we did when were young...i just consider myself so lucky to get a brother like him..he's so loving and protective and has such a beautiful heart... though a little short fused...i can tolerate that...

he may have his vices but as a brother he's perfect..i can't ask for more...i can't describe the amount of love i have for him...coz its more than i can express in words...i love you my one and only bro...:)
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2 Responses Aug 27, 2011

yes, you are very lucky! Older brothers tend to be protective, which can make life alot easier if you are bullied, just to know that there is someone to protect you. :)

nice that you have a brother like that. You're lucky you have him.