My Brother And I Are Strangers...

I have an older brother who I currently live with. We both live miles away from home in another country and his the only family I have here. We also don't have a good relationship at all. We are strangers. I don't know why...what makes it worse is that he is moving out this summer further north and I'll be on my own. Whenever we talk it mainly goes like this "You suck!" "Go make me a sammich!" "Leave me alone!" Those are the words my brother mainly tells me. When I try to talk to him he always ignores me, it's always like I'm talking to the wall instead of him. His also always playing LOL, League of Legends with his friend from another country. Oh his friend, they chat online 24/7, which at times makes me think his gay. Everything, is told to his friend. He never has a conversation with me, and when at times we begin to have one, he leaves and chats with his friend about the same thing we were talking about. He tells everything to his friend. Even about me, even one time I accidentally went to his room when he wasn't there and I read "My sister is so ******* stupid." That really hurt me, he tells him, things about me how he feels and thinks and doesn't even say it to my face? I'd rather hear it from him that read it from his chat with his friend. Worse thing is, his leaving soon, I really would like us to at least spend more time together...but all he ever does is chat with his friend and play LOL with him. It's as if they are married. So yes, I'm jealous...I wish he would talk to me. His the only person I have here. My friends are almost never online and I have no one else to talk to. I'm all alone. Unlike him I don't have a friend who is in the internet 24/7. The only reason why I ever play MMO which he loves, was to spend some time with him. Never mind that, now he began playing a new one with his friend and I was supposed to play too, with them. However, they have outright excluded me. I though we all wanted to play together, I guess I was wrong. I guess, after all. Even though we are family we are in the end, strangers.
sullenlucidx sullenlucidx
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2012