I Hate my brother's attitude sometimes but i love him to death and it's hard for me to tell him.

I have two older brothers, one is 21 years old which was 6 years older than me and the other one is 17 years old, he was 2 years older than me. I'm 15 years old, so i'm the youngest among them. But i'm going to share my story about one of them. His name is Jessal, he's the second older, i love him as my brother. But sometimes his attitude is quite bad, and i admit that he is often make me angry. At school, he treated me like an assistant, he told me to get that or buy that for him and so at home. Next situation is he treating me like a postman, yeah i know he got a lot of girl fans. Guess what he will ask me to do? you know it. Now this is at home, when i was sleeping he will punched me, and it's hurt sometimes then he will take a photo and laughed all the time. I mean that isn't funny at all. For this one, he success to make me angry and hate him. You know what he'll do? he check my girlfriend's message and send it to my mum. But when i was sad, he'll be there for me. He will do something to make me laugh, that's the positive side of his attitude. Most of the time we'll always hanging and playing together. Everytime on my birthday, he will give me a present and say 'Happy Birthday, I Love You My Little Bro'! That words mean so much for me. Next month will be his 18th birthday, so i want to give him a present too. I felt a bit guilty because everytime on his birthday, i only say two words 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY', i want to say i love him but i don't brave enough i dont know why i'm acting like that. Is it normal to have a feeling like that? So that's it. Thank you for reading and please write/comment whatever you like.
Jellal Jellal
13-15, M
Sep 19, 2012