To Old For This.

Ok..My sister and I are in our 30's and she bosses me around like we are still kids. I love her to death but I feel like her own personal little puppet sometimes! If she wants me to do something like go over to someone's house or talk to someone on the phne..she will badger me until I do what she says. If I stand up to her it causes a BIG fight. I feel like i am a child when I am around her. The biggest problem? WE LIVE TOGETHER!

purplethistle purplethistle
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

she sounds like a strong woman like my sister,i just do what she tells me,she is very smart with a degree and own business,she beat my *** when i dropped out of highschool and said do you want to make minimum wage the rest of life,she was wrong,i make 8.75 an hour at 44 yo,thankful she lets me live in her basement and do housework instaed of rent

lol this sounds like me only my sister is younger. but i got my own place and moved out. :)