Mine Is 5 Years Older...

We used to be really close when we were growing up.  We'd "stay the night" in each others rooms, watch movies together.  I'd be the usual little sister and pester her when she had friends over.  We got along quite well.

My heart broke the day she got married.  I still remember sobbing at her wedding, knowing I was going to lose her.  We've never been as close.  When she had her first child, we were able to connect, since I was at a good age to be a baby sitter.  That was around the time I was able to bond with her husband.

She's had 4 more kids...we've lost any sort of connection.  Of course we see each other, but it's like we're aquaintences, compared to how we used to be.
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36-40, F
May 31, 2007