a few years ago I was on a stupid site where I met her. And the actually odd thing about this is that at first I really thought she wouldn't mean this much to me. But every week and day she proves me wrong, how wrong I were to think of her in such a way. But the way of thinking of people online was different to me, especially at that age, I think I was around 13/14 back then. In the real world it is also hard to distinguish the people you like, from the people you think you like that you don't like, and the people you don't like from the people you think you don't like that you do like. But I've found that online this whole process is much more complicated.

Anyways, to cut the profoundly thinking gibber, I met her a few years ago. On some stupid site, where you could make stupid avatars, but make friends that would turn into very good friends. After a while on the site we exchanged our e-mail and started talking on MSN(Skype nowadays). At that time in my life I used the computer daily to just get through the day since I hadn't had any decent friends at school. I actually had some, but since I wasn't allowed to go out after dark I spend most of my nights behind my computer screen. Our conversations grew longer and the days seemed fewer, but it felt really good having someone to talk to who didn't understand everything, but who'd listen to everything and still had her own opinion. We were very good friends for about a year. After that I got a boyfriend and I started neglecting her. However,she didn't get mad, I only got upset e-mails about how she didn't understand what she did wrong. And that if she did something wrong, I should just tell her so maybe 'I could forgive her'. When I read it I felt very bad. So I wrote back and it kinda went well. At the time of writing back, I already had broken up with my now ex-boyfriend.

I explained it all to her, and much more, and once again I can say how very fortunate I am to have her. She didn't say she understood it, but she did forgive me. But the forgiveness didn't feel as good as talking to her again. I've missed her for too long without knowing it, with some help of a person I'd rather not mention, but well what do you do about that right. I have made my mistakes, she still hasn't made hers, but when the day comes I'll be able to forgive her because that's exactly what she'd sacrifice for our friendship: our pride.

What I want to say in this very very very and maybe too long message, is that it doesn't matter how close you live to your best friend. But what does, is the sacrifice you'd make for each other. I've never seen her face-to-face, not even on Skype, but I know she's there. She's there when I need her and I'm sure she'll be there when she can be and that's why I love her so. She is one of my best friends and I'd do anything for her.
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i know exactly how u feel omg this is unbelievable i thought i was the only one with this experience