How To Ruin A Good Thing:

Ok gentlemen, how many of you would enjoy the pleasure of another man’s wife? I have written many stories of my wife’s adventures with a young man. In these adventures I lent him my home, allowed my wife to travel to him, and what did I get in return? I got disrespected and lied to.

Let me give some advice to all you single men out there who either are getting a great piece, or want to get into that position. Do not disrespect the husband, make agreements with the man’s wife behind his back, and follow the rules he lays out. There are thousands of you out there who wish they were in the position that this young man was. Now he will become one of you again wishing that he had the situation that he had.

My wife and I are swingers and have been for a long time. This entails meeting couples and having sex with them. When we originally met the young man I thought it was great that my wife could have a nice casual relationship, good sex, and be further able to explore her sexuality. I never considered that they may make a pact that she would become monogamous with him and me. The result of this was that I was left out of the swinging lifestyle, while he was reaping the benefits. If one was to make such a decision then the husband should be the first one consulted about this decision. Yes my wife had to pay for this with a weekend of tears and the loss of some of my trust. The other issue that arose was that they were building a relationship. He asked her as he was leaving my home one day “are you falling in love with me?” to which my wife must have answered to the affirmative. Never fall in love with a married woman. Especially if her relationship with, her husband is the gold standard or marriages. In the end there is only going to be pain involved for one, two or all three.

Yes I felt betrayed by my wife for allowing this to happen. She insisted that the idea of monogamy was as much her idea as it was his. Over may tears this weekend I attempted to make a compromise with my wife so she could continue to see the young man. First there will be no more dating. Thursday they spent over 10 hours together, going to the beach, and a block party in a city about an hour and a half away. If she wanted to continue to have sex that was ok, but the romance was over. Second, she was to actively seek out other couples for us to play with. I refuse to change places with the single guy out there looking for fun along with the millions of other single guys. They were also not going to be texting messages all day. This is swinging not dating. The alternative to this compromise was that we stop playing all together and she does not see him again. Even though he just borrowed money from her which I bet I will never see again. She chose to continue to play, and that she would look for other couples with me.

To my great surprise he is the one who rejected the offer. He has decided that all of a sudden there is too much danger in casual sex for him to be involved with. He played his last card in the game and now she is even very angry with him. The first time he ****** my wife, just before penetration he asked “Should I use a condom”, she replied that she did not care if he didn’t. Well he was not so concerned about stds when he ****** her over and over. He did not know her from Adam. This is about Alpha male crap. He really thought he had more pull with my wife then I did. It is such a sad situation. My wife and I have a 13 year history and have had many adventures of which he is a small blip on the radar. We will continue to have adventures, while he is searching the web sites looking for what he is no longer getting.

I am telling you it is over because I will not allow it either. If you’re out there you lied straight face to me when I asked you why she was home late Thursday from her date. You let her take the fall, when indeed it was you that had to make a last minute trip to Wal-Mart to pick up soda. You told me that traffic was just to hard to get out of town. I asked for her to be home at Midnight, but you let her take the fall for being late, instead of being a man about it. Yes you were called the boy toy, and I guess the name fit better then I knew. Get a job, get a home, get a car, and get a life. It’s really too bad that even though we knew that you had your faults that we let you into our lives, and I stress the “our” there. In the end you smacked me in the face and tried to take more of my wife then I agreed to give. Did you ever ask? No.

So all you single guys out there who are in a good situation, respect the husband that has given you a gift, and never say things like “Are you ******* happy now, you are going to make her do something she doesn’t want to do”. My friend, my wife will do whatever it is to make me happy, anything. Is there anyone in your life that you can say the same? It’s called love, trust, and a relationship. It’s reall too bad you screwed up a good thing and hurt three people in the process.
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Outstanding! !!

I would never do such a thing in a relationship like that. Getting involved in another loving relationship is a blessing and respect to both partners is obviously priority. In polyamory it's sharing love. In this kind of sexual bond making, love and respect is obviously given to the couple in forming a loose union. Hope you guys are having experiences of your lives! :D

Friends? open marriage is different from a cuckold marriage. I had several married girl friends and hubby got involved to be humiliated. The wife (and sometimes I) would make him perform tasks for us...lick her clean after I ****** her....fluff me with his mouth to get me hard and ready for her....suck my **** if I wanted it....that sort of stuff. Anyway...he secretly wanted to be humiliated by his wife...loved the submission to us both...but, in the was always he and she....all role playing...experimenting with domination/submission...nothing more.

This is an awesome post. Keep holding onto those reins like you're doing. You are your wife's main rock and main ****. You sound like a man who knows when and how to do other people's thinking for them when necessary. People with a knack for restoring proper perspective are needed everywhere and at every level of life. Sometimes getting someone back onto the right path can be a painful process for all involved. Continue to rule benevolently, my friend.

I hear you, Thats Total Dis-respect! My wife di the same thing with I know of two men, One she met him and went way farther than the rules allow on the first date. The other she and he had a serious emotional affair and probably sex also. They said they loved each other daily, and she said she wanted him more than me...<br />
<br />
We have 5 kids and almost 30 years together, So I told her over a year ago I dont want sex with her anymore. She said she loves him he can support her ***.<br />
<br />
He did what all those pices of **** do, He moved to another state.<br />
<br />
I feel your pain and I'm sorry to hear of your problem, I dont understand why women choose to Lie other than be Honest and Open?

i think that is a hazard in allowing your wife to have sex with another man. most women crave the relationship and attribute more to sex than "just a ****".<br />
<br />
i've had similar experience with my wife and its difficult to deal with. she won't do one night stands and insist on a relationship with her "man". and once established, guess who she confides in when she is pissed.... lolol. oh well, it ain't a perfect world.<br />
<br />
the advice is good.... to all those single men out there who think they can get inbetween a marriage.... its just a dumb thing to try to do. appreciate the sharing and remember that you're the third wheel....

Well as a man who would like to be a submissive cuckold..... I wonder if he thought he was taking the Bull role in the relationship? Maybe she encouraged him into this? It sounds like the wife is way more to blame than the boytoy. He had little history with you, he had little ties to you, he doesn't have the maturity that you and your wife do, etc.... For him to do it was rash and foolish, Stupid even. For her to do that to you was a crime against your marriage, and the relationship you have built where you both trust the other to swing!

What a freakin puss that guy was. Sounds like a moocher. I have a few gifts myself and always respect the Husband for sharing. Its just sex and fun. He tried to manipulate and now he is at his mommy's house jacking in the shower. Oh well there are plenty of guys that get it out there.

guys like that are as*holes.....we had one attempt that once, my wife immeadiately told him to go perform the biologicly impossible and informed me. We both let him know that he was no longer a welcome part of our lives and we moved on .

Very well writen story. Remember karma will will one day show him how u feel. Life always comes full circle. Somday he will feel your pain and that day he will remember you

I have always treated the use of another man's wife as a gift, and respected it for what it was. Thank you for posting this. Far too many single men do NOT understand that the use of a wife should provide pleasure to all concerned.

Some people always get greedy and **** it up. Glad u stopped him!

I had a GF several years ago who pretty much had the morals of an alleycat, but she was a wonderful person otherwise. I loved making love to her when she just got home because then I could eat not just her, but her boyfriend. If her boyfriend had done her in the ***, I would have sucked his load from her ***.<br />
<br />
We were together for a couple of years, and what a couple of years they were. She's the one who taught me the joys of watersports, and I probably drank gallons of her pee. I'd have gladly eaten her ****, but she had no interests in that direction. I did wipe her with my tongue a couple of times.

What a douchbag

Damn man that was so disrespectful

Wow! He crossed that line that should never be crossed. Serves him right, hope he gets to feel the sting someday that he caused!

Sorry this happened to you. You deserve better. I'd love for my wife to take a lover but I'd want to know what was happening all along

Not cool. He played the wrong cards and lost. He's played his role and now he's gone. Next. ;)

He's a douchebag!