Not Sure If You Call It An Open Marriage!!! Or A F Buddy

Ive been with my wife for 18 years with no regrets! A few years ago our love life was getting a little dull, so i confessed my fantasy of her being with a younger guy, she was a little taken back, but over time and with plenty of deep conversations, the idea was really turninig her on, so we dicided to go for it, we had boundarys and rules, she would go out have her fun, then come home and re-enact with all the details, it was fun and took our sex life to a new high, for a particuler reason over the last 6 months she has lost her mojo, knowing that I still have needs, she now wants me to go out and get the sex I crave with other women!!! but the difference is she doesnt want any details of what happens, so there for I have no one to come home to and share it with, as much as its an exciting offer, I was always happy having fun with my wife.
So I dont know if I will get the same pleasure from it... A little confused, but also very curiuos...:)
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the point is to give each other want the desire or needs in the bed room fantasies and so forth do them why not dont be scARED MAKE A LIST DAM IT.. A SMALL ONE FIRST THEN OTHERS

I'm not sure I completely agree with BeMYBadGirl... I think, due to the fact that you've already had long, in depth discussions along these lines previously, she is less likely to just say 'off you go & have a good time, don't worry about me; I'll be fine' ;if she's actually feeling the need for more attention/understanding. Having that open line of communication is just as (if not more so) erotic as the actual act a lot of the time. Possibly if you go through with it, her curiosity may be piqued & she might start asking questions. I'd say give it a try...(you already have her permission) but wait for her to ask the questions before you offer any further information (so she feels like she's leading future developments) Keeping the line of communication open is the MOST important thing

Overall, I think it is best not to take her up onher offer. She is unhappy somewhere and she may not know the source. It could even be hormonal. Sometimes emotions come up for a woman out of hormones and meds and vitamins and ways of thinking. There has to be a reason and so they mind hunts for one. Ah, hubby is not happy. Maybe if I let him screw around he will be happy. Then you screw around and you are happy and she is either scared or angry because you can have fun without her (this is emotional thought so don't expect it to be rational or logical). <br />
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You would serve your marriage better if you found an open minded and highly skilled counselor or hypnotherapist. There is a block to her pleasure. It needs to be addressed and soon. I wish you every success. Please do NOT let this go. Your marriage hangs in the balance and it doesn't need to.