Just a short one really to gauge if anyone else has has similar mixed emotions. My wife had an affair meeting a guy and spending time with him in her car in a secluded area.  When i challenged her she admitted meeting him 3 times and on each ocassion she gave  him a b*** *ob to completion.  I reacted as any man would , I was furious and insisted she end it immediately.  This she did, the strange thing is when i think of her doing this  with another guy in her car i get aroused,  I ve even thought I wish I had not challlenged her when  i did ,but keep it to myself until he had also ****ed her.  I feel confused.  Is it wrong for me to get horny thinking of such things.
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I want my wife to sleep with other men and to tell me about it. Problem is she has but she won't tell me about it. I find it hot when my wife is slutting around.

I had an intimate encounter with another man behind my husband's back and when I came clean and the dust settled he told me the same thing... That when he thought about it, it made him incredibly horny. He too wondered if that was weird. I told him I didn't think so. I told him that anything that turns him on is okay as long as those things are among consenting adults. Everyone is different, so I think it's silly to feel funny about what makes us hot. The fact that you recognized how you felt instead of repressing it is probably a sign that you are sexually open minded which does bode well for things working out for you two if that is what you both want.

You're fine. Why wouldn't you like her to have a good time? Read our stories and you might recognize some things.

Maybe its time to share your feelings with her.

Your not weird, You are a man, The problem is the same as mine,, I dont mind her having sex with othres, Just Dont Hide it or lie about it!!!!!!!!

You are not alone, I too feel that way. I thought I was weird.

I know where you are coming from. I get horny thinking of another man having sex with my wife. Lately when I ********** the only way I can climax is thinking of her current side guy ******* inside her. So you're not weird, at least in my book.