In The Genes

I was a promiscuous teen and my younger sister followed the same path. Although I'm 10 years older we're very close and we talk a lot about our feelings and passions. I became a mom at 18 and she had her first baby at 15. She had her second baby at 18 and got married at 20 to a nice guy who was a good husband and father. But their marriage didn't work out. She has a strong sexual appetite and she cheated on him and they divorced. A few years ago I introduced her to a man that had been my lover and the hit it off and got married after she got pregnant. They agreed to have an open marriage since he wanted to have other female partners. Since Edward had been with me, we decided to swap and have our own little family swinger relationship. It seemed to be working pretty well but he got restless and he was also having sex with my niece. In short it didn't work out for them. My little sister has decided that she shouldn't be married. I guess having an intense appetite for sex and all that goes with it doesn't always work out. Open marriage works for me but it obviously doesn't work for everyone who tries it.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

holy **** u , ur sister and niece ......i would sooo love to b that guy !!!