For The First Time.

For my husband's birthday I agreed to something that we had discussed before but that due to life circumstances we could not do then. To have an open marriage. It is something that we both want and excites us both.

We have plans for a women to come share us for a week or so, and Im excited about it. Not nervous at all..feeling really relaxed. I know her have known her casually for a while. I know she understands its about sex and not anything else.

We have plans also for a guy friend of mine to come see me soon....this I have been looking forward to very much...I like him, I trust him, he is also in a open marriage so I know he gets it.

However...suddenly as the time gets closer Im scared...Im getting nervous.. I havent been with anyone but my husband in over a decade and I am worried he wont like what he sees with my clothes off. I feel what if he is dissappointed? I was so excited and now I am so nervous...

Is this normal for our first time?? I asked my husband but he is only excited about the Lady friend, not nervous at all. And yes I know he has not been with anyone else but me in the same time frame. Is this just my nerves or is this a red flag I should be looking at?

I would like to hear from all of you on your thoughts on this. Maybe I can feel better and know what to do. I want was originally my idea so why am I so nervous?
Taselle Taselle
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Dont worry about your body. I'm sure you're very hot! Have confidence in your self! Thats the key. Besides, honestly he's thinking about his the same way. Guys just look more confident. Also from experience, when you both get in the heat of the moment. It will be the last thing on your mind when you two are having fun while naked!!!! ;)

That is what he keeps telling me. He says he gets to be the judge, and from what I have shared with him (some teaser pics) he thinks I am hot...I think I am over the nerves. Now Its just a waiting game for him to get here....I am very excited. :)

Hello my wife and i have experienced these feeling also. As long as you are nervous about the small stuff it's ok. If you are worried about how you will feel afterwards emotionally then that may be the a red flag. Good luck!! The key is to talk about everything together!!

No Im not worried about the emotional.. I cant be with someone i just met or dont know, so I picked a long time friend that we both trust. But Im just worried about my body, I dont like the way it is now...But that can be fixed. Thanks for the advice :)