Love Spontaneous Sex

I met him at his office at closing time, wearing a short, tight, black skirt; no panties; sexy top and high boots. He locked the door. Started kissing me with passion. His hands immediately went to my skirt, hiking it up to feel my firm ***. Mmm....he moaned as he found that there were no panties underneath.

My hand began feeling his hard **** beneath his pants. Running my fingers gently caressing him. His hands squeezing my *** and **** at the same time. Making my ***** juices drip down my thigh.

"I know what you want", he said as he freed my **** from my bra. Suddenly he found my **** with his hand and my nipple with his mouth. Shivers went through my body as he fingered me and sucked my *** hard.

I freed his now very hard **** from his pants and got down on my knees. Taking him in my hand, I slowly ran my tongue up and down him, feeling him tremble. " are amazing.", he said. "I know", I replied, looking up at him and smiling. I love the way he feels in my mouth. I love pleasing him. I love controlling him. I love the way he tastes.

"Go as deep as you can.", he said as he grabbed the sides of my head and guided me down him. Mmmmmmm I moaned as I felt him slide deeper and deeper down my throat. Slowly he began ******* my mouth, going deeper and deeper, making me gag on him, just the way I like it.

Feeling he was close to coming, I pulled back, stood up and took his hand. I led him over to his desk, pulled up my skirt and bent over. Taking the hint, he slowly slid into me. I love the feeling when he first enters me. Feels so full! Feeling that I was already close to *******, he pumped into me harder and deeper. My ***** started clamping down on him, feeling him get bigger and harder. "*** on my ****", he demanded. That was it. I was gone. Taken over. My ***** grabbing onto him as hard as it could as I came.

He slid out of me, told me to roll over and put me on top of his desk. My high heeled boots made me feel so sexy as I laid spread out on his big, oak desk, waiting for him to enter me again. "mmmmmm...." I said, as he once again filled me. He ****** me over and over again, rubbing my ****, sucking on my ****, plunging into me as hard as he could. "Is this what you want to do to her?", I asked. "Yes, oh yes", he answered and with that my ***** responded with another climax. "*** for me, baby. *** inside me. Let me feel it.", I begged. I couldn't take anymore. I had to feel him grow and explode. And with that, he plunged in as far as he could and released inside me. Feeling him *** makes me *** every time. "Don't move", I begged as my ***** continued to grab onto him, squeezing every last bit of *** from his ****.

"Now, THAT was some awesome spontaneous date", I said with a big, satisfied smile. "Yes, it was", he answered.

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That is awesome! And so VERY HOT!!! Do you see him often?

Yes....he is my husband! ;-)