My First Affair After Opening Up Our Marriage.

I met him online via the Yahoo chat rooms. We chatted and text and talked for almost 2 weeks before I agreed to meet him...

We were going to meet at a resturant but when I got there (before him) there was a LONG line. So I called and asked if there was somewhere else he'd rather go...we ended up meeting in a Walmart parking lot just up the road. Talk about a girl getting Anyway, he walked up to my vehicle and I rolled down the window and we talked for a while...and flirted a little here and there. I got in the truck with him and we rode around town for a few hours just talking about life and stuff and where we wanted to eat dinner. We drove out to the river and parked and walked down to watch one of the big paddle boats drive up and down river...then watched a barge move...that was kinda cool. Made out a little...and then a little more ;-) Held was very nice. I am very much calmed by water and he knew that...spending time down by the river was the perfect thing to do in order to get me over my nerves. After we left there we went to dinner...nothing big, a new burger joint in town....then we went to a hotel...

There was no TV watching, no talking, no nothing....we got busy the second we walked in the door ;-) Our room had a balcony and I walked outiside to see what the view was the time I walked back in he grabbed me and we started kissing...deeply. His hands moved all over my body. We moved to the bed where he laid down and I leaned over him and continued kissing him. I got on top while we were still fully clothed and he took my shirt off and then he rolled us both over so instantly he was on top of me. We continued kissing and my hands were moving all over him, his face, his back, his chest...he kissed my neck, my chest, my breasts, bit my bra....then he stood up and started taking his clothes off...I laid there and watch and then he pulled my jeans off of me and before I knew it I was naked and he crawled up my body. I spread my legs to accomidate the width of his hips. I smiled as he moved up my body and rested between my legs and then he kissed me again...very deeply. He is a very intense man and a very intense kisser. In terms of intamacy, it was everything I was missing in my marriage. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he leaned up and looked down at me and I looked up at him as he entered me the first time. I moaned with the satisfaction of feeling him fill me was amazing. He worked in and out of me over and over and over again. Sometimes faster, sometimes harder, sometimes slower. He got up on his knees and moved my legs up and I watched him while he ****** me. I reached up and pulled him down on me again, grabbed his faced and kissed him hard and long. I moaned a felt SO GOOD! I tilted my hips back and forth with him...rubbing my **** against him while we ******. I was having a hard time ******* (it happens sometimes) but I didnt was the most intense sexual experience of my life. I could tell he was getting close and before long he came inside me with several groans outloud.

After we laid there for a bit he got one of my toys and used it on me for quite a while...he was so good with it...he could do things with the toy that litteraly made me loose my breath...the tempo or something, Im not sure...but he made that toy go in and out of me like never before. He was laying next to me, kind of over me really...he kept his lips on mine the entire time even when we werent actually kissing...almost like he was feeling my breath or something. When I came it was hard and long....I would classify it as a multiple. I moaned and screamed and he kissed me through it all at the same time. It was very intense that at one point I had to ask him to stop for a minute so I could catch my breath :-)

Over the course of the evening we had sex another 3 or 4 times...once doggie style, once with me laying on my stomach and then the other 1 or 2 times was him spooning up behind me. They were all very good but the first time was the best.

Its been a few months since that night happened and Im not sure it will happen again with him...but I am glad I was able to get over my nerves and live in the moment that night.
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2013

so hot that you allow yourself to experience life like this...wish my wife would

wow, sounds like he really ****** you really good, your 1st time sounds so hot and exciring for you, guess the best was when you opened your legs and ***** and felt his **** entering your excited wet *****. xxx

that's a fantastic story - so sexy! Nice to see a woman getting what she wants and needs!

The first **** in an open marriage is like a first **** ever.

I completely agree! It was so damn good!!!

Is your husband active as well? How do you feel about you husband after that?

He isn't actively searching anyone out at the moment. Just me so far. I still love my husband but I am very thankful we are able to do this. I was missing things within my marriage that I didn't know I was missing until that night. I hope to be able to experience it again with someone soon. Thanks for the question.