A Tuesday With A New Guy

(If you think you've read this before, you might have ... I'm also a member of a hotwife message board.)

I knocked on the door, and he answered wearing only a towel - as he told me he would.  We kissed in the kitchen and headed to the bathroom to shower together (he had just gotten home from the gym).  I was a little nervous as I undressed - first time jitters, and all.  We stepped in, under the hot water, and the nerves just melted away as we embraced skin-to-skin for the first time.  He's so sexy - 6'2", 195 pounds of sleek athletic muscle, with the biggest **** I've ever seen in person.  Nothing to be afraid of, though - about 7 1/2 inches and deliciously thick. 

Since he was all sweaty, I had the pleasure of thoroughly washing every inch of his body before getting on my knees and taking my first taste of him.  I love sucking **** in the shower - it gets me really wet really fast imagining what it's going to feel like.  We didn't want to waste all of the hot water, we stepped out and dried off.  Then I slathered him with lotion before we sat on his bed together.

We sat facing each other, and dove into each other's arms, kissing, caressing, touching, and licking anything and everything that was exposed.  I stretched out on my back as he began kissing his way down my body - from my face, down my neck, across both breasts, and to my thighs.  Such a tease!  He started halfway to my knees and kissed and licked his way down to my *****.  He paused for a moment, taking a good long look, before making contact with his tongue.  My sharp intake of breath made him chuckle slightly, and then he got down to business. 


He seemed to know exactly what I liked - a combination of kisses, licks, and finger play all over my *****.  He was very gentle with my ****, which is just how I like it - soft tongue action, a little suction, and then the occasional pause for a tease.  As I started to breathe more heavily and buck my hips, he slowly inserted one finger inside me and began ******* me with it slowly.  I was really getting into it, and asked for another one, 'cause that's how I like it!  I could tell that he was definitely going to make me *** ... it was just a matter of how soon. He continued caressing my **** with his tongue as I started to rock my hips in time with his thrusting.  I asked him to curve his fingers every so slightly in the "come here" motion to get a little extra pressure on my G-spot, and he responded immediately by sitting up and placing his other hand just above my pubic bone and pressing down ever so slightly, intensifying the sensations I was feeling.  In no time, I felt the ****** building, and I think I may have even said "Oh God I'm about to ***!"  I asked him for harder and faster, and he delivered.  I threw my head back and grabbed handfuls of the blankets, moaning and screaming as he made me ***.  I think I even squirted a little.  He's the only person to make me *** on the very first try.  Hot hot hot!


Then it was time to get down to business.  He reached into his nightstand drawer and got out a condom and some lube.  My ***** was throbbing with a combination of aftershocks and anticipation.  I stretched out on my back and spread my legs for him.  He got on his knees, grabbed under my *** cheeks, and lifted me up to meet his ****.  He thrust himself all the way into me and held still for just a second.  Mmm.  That delicious first feeling of a new **** - love it!  I put my ankles on his shoulders and he grabbed my hips.  He proceeded to **** me like a pro - hard, fast, and deep.  In no time, I could feel myself getting ready to *** again.  "Oh God oh yes harder faster **** me please **** me **** me **** meeeeeeeeeee!"  That was my mantra for the evening.  After I came with his **** in my ***** (fanFUCKINGtastic!), he lowered himself down onto me, and I ran my hands all over his tight muscular body as he began a slow, circular grind.  Then he got behind me in a semi-spoon position, propped up on one elbow so he could look down and watch his **** slide in and out of my ***** and play with my **** at the same time.  Just heavenly!  I told him I was ready for some more hard *******, so I got up on all fours. His only request was to see me face down, *** up, and I was more than happy to oblige. 


A little more lube to keep things wet, and he started pounding my ***** again.  I could feel his **** bottoming out with every thrust, and it was driving me crazy!  "Oh my God your **** feels so good pounding into my ***** like that I've never been ****** so hard and fast in my life oh God that's amazing!"  I have no idea how long he was back there, but eventually my arms and legs gave out and I needed to lay flat on the bed.  That didn't make him stop!  He laid his body on top of mine and continued with a nice slow rhythm.  He laced his fingers with mine and kissed the back of my neck and side of my face.  He noticed that I was panting heavily, and suggested that we take a little break to get some energy back and take a drink of water, so we did. 


(More later when I finish typing it.)
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