Tuesday With The New Guy Part 2

After a bit of breather, we got out the cameras. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to put the memory card back in the digital camera I brought, but I still had the video camera! I sucked his **** on camera. It was so hot! He got some really nice angles … straight down POV shot, and from each side. I don't think I ever got much more than half of him in my mouth at once – he was so much bigger and thicker than the ***** I usually suck. You can believe I tried, though. I always love the feeling of a **** in my mouth – it makes me think of what it's like in my *****. I was still craving more of him. Then, I could taste tiny drops of pre-*** in my mouth as I stroked and sucked and licked him. I asked him if he wanted to *** in my mouth, but he said he wasn't done with my ***** just yet. Lucky me, eh?

We set up the video camera next to the bed (took longer than we thought) and forgot about it for a good long while. He laid down on his back and propped his head on a pillow while I bobbed up and down on his **** to get him fully rock hard again. Another Trojan magnum and we were ready to go. I straddled him carefully and grabbed the base of his ****, holding myself above him for just an instant, and looked straight into his eyes as I filled myself with him again. We both moaned appreciatively. Being on top was fantastic. I was able to rotate and grind my hips against him, feeling completely filled up with every motion. I leaned forward and rocked back and forth, rubbing my **** on the base of his **** while the shaft stroked my G-spot inside. He asked me to turn around, since he had seen pictures of me in that position and wanted to see for himself. Of course, I obliged. I have weak hips, so I wasn't able to do much cowgirl bouncing, but settled down for some slow sensual rocking. I reached down and started to gently play with his balls. He seemed to like it, so I thought I'd see what else he enjoyed. I oh so carefully reached one finger a little further down and just touched his back door. He jumped at that, but didn't seem to mind. In fact, he was inspired to do the same to me! I knew he'd never been touched there before, so I was careful not to be too rough. But I love ***-play, and he knew that, so he was pretty quickly fingering me while I rode him. All of that got me in the mood for some more.

My legs were getting tired, so we went back to spooning. He continued fingering my ***, and I was really getting into it. In fact, I told him that if was interested in giving it anal a try, that I would be up for it. You see, at age 30, he'd never had the opportunity to try anal sex! He jumped at the opportunity, and so I got on my back and put my ankles on his shoulders again. I told him to get lots of lube and go super super slow. The initial insertion was a searing combo of pleasure and pain. I took a deep breath, relaxed, and slowly eased toward him. It took a minute for him to get all the way in, but we made it happen. I asked him to start slowly, but it didn't take long for me to ask him for harder and faster again. He quickly got up to pace and started pounding my *** just as hard and fast as he had done to my *****. By this time, my legs had dropped out to the sides, spread as wide as they could. I love to talk during sex, and I started again with the “Oh my god oh my god yes yes yes **** me **** me harder harder harder!.” As I started *******, he reached down with his thumb and rubbed my ****. I thought I had enjoyed myself earlier, but this … this was unreal. I heard my voice start to rise and fall in wordless wails of ecstasy as my whole body shook and my ***** throbbed and my *** clenched on his ****. Then I squirted like never before. I can always feel when it's happening, but I was surprised to feel my own fluids splash off of his body and back up onto my own, up to my shoulder and onto the bed! I shook and screamed and came …. and I was spent. Utterly exhausted … high as a kite on endorphins … laughing hysterically. It was truly amazing.

It was getting late, and I had to go home. I knew that my husband would want to hear my story, watch the videos, and **** me again. But that's another post.

The video angle isn't very good, but I wish I knew how to lift the audio and post it somewhere. It's epic! From the first indications that I was ******* until I couldn't take any more was about five solid minutes. I can't WAIT until we can hook up again.


26-30, F
Mar 3, 2010