I Wish I Could Find Someone Similiar To Me But It's Hard

i'm not able to fit int any one sterotype nice and clean and Ilike a lot of things and it's really frustrating how I get pigeonholed. I like things I shouldn't like. I am riddled with guilty pleasures but i've grown sort of unapolagetic about them

I can't help but notice how our culture operates in sterotypes division and ever more subcultures and everyone seems to think that's just it: we need more of these things

I am a member of multiple fandoms. often fandoms that hate the other fandom when i'm into BOTH.

I'm tired of this because it really says nothing about who I am as a person but i'm being expected to find identty in consumption and I find this to be gross.. This is for all of those who hear me all too well.

We fight and pick people based on what bands they're into or what clothing they were or which clique and gods honestly we often select romantic partners based on how hard they are to pick up and get home with us

I Want to be happy but I find myself wonderhing how am I going to get there if everyone is so convinced they know what they like and if you Like X thing you must automaticlaly demostrate Y behaviors and those behaviors are "annoying" "creepy" whatever

unfotunately this culture has been divided and conquerered in such a way where I feel a sense of resigned hopelessness about it. no matter what I do i'm pigeonholed. I would like to relate and get along with other human beings but just becaues i'm a member of that one group you hate does not mean there would be enmity between us. I don't understand this at alll

It's one thing when the divisiion is over personal values like politics and religion which are absolutely huge and i'm on the left and spirutal but not religious but when it's over things like star wars and star trek or baseball or football teams I really do not understand the enmity between fandoms

and in music it's especialyl bad. I like metal but I also like some grossly different pop and not just "pop metal" I mean like VANILLA pop.

this kind of stuff is ultimately very frustrating. You are not better than me and and at the end of the day people are more alike than different.

i don't understand this kind of thing. color me a bi weirded out by it and alienated but i really don't understand judgement of this nature.

if you like something don't ever assume i'll be "closed" ot the experience based on what fandoms i'm a part of


ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 12, 2012