How to Start...


My wife and me had been married for 4 years, before we decided to start an open relationship, so this is going on since 4 months ago, I was who proposed it. So far everethig is going well, with some intermittent episodes of jelaous ( from my side), but overall ok, since our comunication has gotten better, and we feel very confident of each other. Now she is having some nice experience with a  friend of her,  but so far I can not start anything real. So I have a mutual friend, and I am really interested to start something with her, giving mixed signs and receiving mixed signls, my guess is that she feels bad...regarding this game...because she is not aware that my wife and me are in this kind of relation ship..but I dont know how to tell her. So I was wondering if somebody has any similar experience or any light for this situation.


JN0012 JN0012
Feb 25, 2009