Mine Absolutely Is Sexual

i am totaly obsessed with sucking ****. i'm a married 27 yr old woman and would NEVER even think about cheating but i am constantly thinking about blowing every attractive man i meet. (yes my fantasies are shallow..lol)
i wonder how big they are, if they are circumsized, if this guy moans, grunts, hums, giggles, or yodels....lol
i wonder what the look on thier face is when they ***, and if they are suprised when i swallow. ( i've met a few that were)
i wonder if they *** a lot or a little and how far they can shoot.
i wonder if they are the shy, rigid, surprised type or the kind of guy that grabs my head and ***** my face like he's mad at me.
i often chat with guys online talking about sucking **** while i finger myself. not pretending but just discussing likes/dislikes and sharing actual experiences.
i love ***** ******* hubby and giving the head a little kiss and or lick eveytime it peeks through my boobs. (i have kinda big boobs)
when i blow my hubby he often has to make me quit after a while because he gets overly sensative.
i love when hubby takes me out somewhere...restaurant, party, walk on the beach, wherever...i'll find a quiet spot and give him a sneak attack blow-job when he least expects it. i *** hardest with a **** in my mouth and giving myself a little tickle. this obsession and the fact that i get VERY wet is why i MUST carry extra panties and baby wipes everywhere i go.
am i a freak of nature or are there other girls on here like me?
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26-30, F
2 Responses May 21, 2012

Well, I'm a boy and I L-O-V-E sucking *****! It's absolutely my favorite. I love to bury my face into a soft, smooth crotch and spread those lovely lips apart with both my hands. It's Heaven to suck a ****, lick *****, push my fingers or tongue into you and make you hot and soaking wet.
Is it the same feeling when you suck ****?

You are most certainly not a freak of nature. I am very similar :)