Occupy My Mouth

I must admit that I have an oral fixation. I have to constantly have something in my mouth whether it's a blunt or a ****. I will suck a **** for hours and not stop. I love the feel of the **** sliding in and out of my mouth. I love the feel of my saliva all over his ****. I like when his **** is deep in the back of my throat and I take it down until I can't anymore and I gag just a little bit. If I don't have a **** in my mouth, then I am craving to have a **** in my mouth. I have an oral fixation. Or maybe I have an obsession with have a **** in my mouth. Either way, I won't be satisfied until my mouth and your **** are satisfied and I have a nice big wad of *** going down my throat.
DesiSlave22 DesiSlave22
26-30, F
7 Responses May 25, 2012

I could fall for you in a big way. Tell me more please.

Let mf **** your throat hard and rough. I want your spit all over my **** and your face then shoot my *** all the way down your throat. Add me please?

I had a woman give me a blow job this one time. She loved to suck **** too. Once I began to *** she let out these sounds of enjoyment. She loved it. She looked up at me and smiled. I told her, "Your not finished yet you little *** sucking ****". She sucked my **** until I came again. This time it took a long time. She sucked my **** for atleast 45 minutes. I would always go back to her and just say, "Suck my **** ****" and she would always always simply get on her knees and start sucking. Sometimes I would **** her, sometimes I wouldn't say another word. I would just stand up, pull my pants up and leave. I miss that little **** sucking *****.

You are quite a girl. I wish I had married someone like you. My wife won't suck my ****. How can I persuade her she might enjoy it?

Red hot fyah .

try buying a **** toy, and carry it w/ u all times...whenever u crave for it just stick it on lol...

Got me throbbing for you for the second time today.<br />
<br />
That guy needs to get home to distract you from writing more before I hurt myself. :P

Lol ;)