I Do More Sucking Than A Vaccum.

My oral fixation is "going down" on guys. been doing it for a long time since younger and have gotten to the point that its definantly a fixation/obsession. i truly enjoy it and its really all i ever do or think about doing. not complaining though except to say i wish i could find time in a day or night for even more eruptions in my mouth.
TennesseeOralBoy TennesseeOralBoy
18-21, M
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thanks. glad you like or approve. obviously I like to please. lol.

Yumm - I like to reciprocate - 69 is fun too :P

How very considerate of you lol. how long you been svcking?

hehe - lost my virginity at 18 - wanted to since about 12 tho... raised catholic it was difficult to accept at first but god knows - I <3 **** in a big way lol

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I wish you great success with your hobby. I hear that practice makes perfect!