Duncan, Aka Fatboy

He is an orange butterfly tabby who's bossy, demanding, unbelievably affectionate, very vocal (some times you can't shut him up).

I adopted these cats (him and his sister, a long hair calico and a beauty). I started to call him fatboy because he is a big cat, not "fat" per say, just big especially when he jumps on your chest to be petted. He purrs so loud, i have to turn up the TV hear it over the purr. He wants what he wants. It's not possible to read in my household, because, he will lay on you book so you can't read it.

He always tries to wake you in the morning when he wants to eat, but i ignore him until i get out of bed (which is generally early anyway). He love to lay on my when i'm sleeping. If i'm on my back, he will lay on me with his paws just past the blanket, so when he starts to starts to need and purr, he jabs you with his claws just ever so slightly. enough to wake you and toss him off you. I love him to death.
tonyare54 tonyare54
Dec 6, 2012