I Try To Control

my sex drive and I am faithful now to my husband but I can not control my libido urge.
I must ********** so often because my husband not intimate with me anymore.
I can not control my need for feel ******, I must ****** often.
tirowki tirowki
31-35, F
4 Responses May 9, 2012

I'm so ******' horny all the time...I normally have several ***** a day and still need to **********...sometimes I have 3-4 different ladies I ****...a day

I wish my wife what sex more than she does now, she could care less most of the time and I can relate to being horny 24/7. I see any worman small or large and I can onlt think of ******* her!

I know how you feel. I go through batteries like a own stock in them. 4 toys, and nothing compares to getting rammed by a real man. I think about sex 24/7. With strangers, past lovers, current lovers... Lately, I've had this dream about being bent over a bed and a line of guys with raging hard on pound my ***** and my *** taking turns. Guy after guy... 15, hell 20 of them. Just line up and have your way with me. This is crazy thoughts!? Right?

honey,, i am the same way,,, been that way since iwas 12 LOL hubby and i have sex EVERYDAY ,(if not actual screwing, we at least ggive each other oral) and i STILL ********** at least two or three times more EVERYDAY,, i am 43 and life is good,, just **********,,, and,,,, FEEL NO GUILT OR NO SHAME!!!!! XOXO LISA

Thanks for say that. Now I know I not only woman who feel need to ********** so often..